10 Legendary Actors Who May End Up Earning Fewer Oscars Than, Wait for It, Jonah Hill

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This morning's Academy Award nomination announcements brought some serious surprises and epic snubs (we love you, Michael B. Jordan) — but Jonah Hill's second Oscar nod for his role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street takes the cake.

Hill's nod is questionable at best, but the Academy seems to love him, just like fellow two-time nominee Bradley Cooper. And sure, these two have had a decently good run and in some (very small) way, they were found deserving of one of the five spots in an acting category, but we're having a hard time seeing it. Especially when there are upwards of 10 longtime Hollywood stars who have never even received one nomination.

So what was the Academy thinking? Probably something along the lines of what they've been thinking every time they've snubbed one of the actors on this list.

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