16 Chocolate Gifts For Friends Who Deserve Something Extra Sweet

There's only one thing I want for Christmas this year — chocolate. And, these chocolate gift ideas are just as sweet as they come. If I had to pick one sweet treat to live off of for the rest of my life, my only demand would be that it has tons of chocolate in it. I’m a chocoholic, I’ll admit it. My chocolate cravings are real, and they run deep. If any of you have a chocoholic friend, you know that the chocolate obsession is something not to be messed with. That’s why the best way to win a chocoholic over is to give them exactly what they want for Christmas — chocolate.

Instead of simply giving someone a chocolate candy bar from the grocery store, isn’t it time you really tried to speak to their chocolate-obsessed hearts? There’s so much more chocolate goodness to be found in the world, you can easily blow someone's mind with any of these genius chocolate gift ideas. From chocolate caviar to chocolate-covered bacon, ritzy truffles to drinking fudge, there’s no way you can miss the mark with these chocolate treats. You might even be tempted to keep one or two for yourself, and that’s totally acceptable. I promise I won’t judge you.

1. Chocolate Caviar

Chocolate Caviar, $35, Eli Zabar

Want to go above and beyond the chocolate call of duty this holiday season? These two ounces of chocolate caviar from Eli Zabar will make your friends think you are one classy boss of a friend.

2. Clif Family Winery Chocolate Quartet

Chocolate Quartet, $42, Clif Family Winery

Chocolate-covered anything just got fancy with this gorgeous quartet of chocolate-covered treats from Clif Family Winery. From sweet and savory, to spicy and sultry, you get a little bit of everything in this oh-so decadent chocolate lovers package!

3. Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza, $28, Firebox

If you know a chocoholic who also has a passion for pizza, you are about to drop a dream gift in their laps. This chocolate pizza from Firebox is covered in the most ridiculously amazing array of toppings, and totally blows that $5 pizza deal around the corner out of the water.

4. Chocoholic Spice Gift Set

Chocoholic Spice Gift Set, $15, Savory Spice Shop

Your chocoholic cooking-obsessed friends are going to flip over this spice gift set from Savory Spice Shop. There’s chocolate SUGAR in this set. COME. ON.

5. Chocolate Wine

Chocolate Wine, (prices vary), Chocolat Rouge

Drinking chocolate doesn’t have to stop at hot chocolate. Stop by your local wine shop and pick from three chocolate wines from Chocolat Rouge. Chocolate and booze? Yep, that’s a match made in heaven right there.

6. Peppermint Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookies

Chocolate-Covered OREOS, $35, Shari’s Berries

There’s nothing better than finding an Oreo stuffed inside chocolate on your doorstep, and these peppermint chocolate-covered cookies don’t disappoint. Holiday cheer in every single bite!

7. ALOHA Chocolate

ALOHA Chocolate Lover's Gift Set, $20, ALOHA

Chocolate that's good for you? Sign me up! Each ALOHA chocolate bar comes packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, giving you even more reason to share these with your friends.

8. Chocolate Bar Scented Makeup Bag

Chocolate Scented Bag, $23, Retro Planet

What do you get for the chocoholic who’s tried every chocolate delicacy out there? You help them incorporate chocolate into their every day life without even having to eat it. This chocolate scented bag from Retro Planet is the perfect accessory to keep the chocolate love alive, first thing in the morning.

9. Drinking Fudge

Drinking Fudge, $15, Firebox

Hot chocolate? Psh, that stuff ain’t got nothing on these drinking fudges from Firebox. With six wickedly good flavors to choose from, you’ll be giving a treat that will seriously spoil your friend for life.

10. Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Chocolate-Covered Bacon, $20, Pig of the Month

There’s not much that’s better than the best bacon ever. Until you dip it in chocolate and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Pig of the Month has the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream come true with this chocolate-covered treat.

11. Godiva Ultimate Dessert Truffles Gift Box

Truffles Gift Box, $52, Amazon

Sometimes you just have to go with a classic gift that you know will impress. The ultimate dessert truffles gift box by Godiva is just that gift. A huge variety of truffles will keep your friend deep in the chocolate for a long time.

12. Chocolate Pasta

Chocolate Pasta, $25, The OpenSky Project

If you’ve got a friend who loves to go outside the box from time to time, this chocolate pasta from The OpenSky Project is the perfect unique gift. Who doesn’t love dessert for dinner??

13. Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

Chilli Chocolate, $10, Firebox

That hot head in your life needs a little spice in their life, don’t they? Get ready to unleash the hottest chocolate bar in the world on them from Firebox. For anyone who loves spicy food and chocolate, this is how you put their love to the test.

14. Gourmet Dipped Christmas Strawberries

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, $35, Shari’s Berries

You can pretend to be healthy when you’re eating these gourmet dipped strawberries from Shari’s Berries.The chocolate-loving health nut in your life will totally agree.

15. Hot Chocolate On A Spoon Gourmet Set

Hot Chocolate Spoons, $10, Chocomize

Hot chocolate just got a whole lot easier for your chocoholic friends! These decadently rich hot chocolate spoons from Chocomize simply dissolve in hot milk or water in seconds, perfect for the lazy kid in us all.

16. Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake, $50, Harry & David

What’s the phrase? “Let them eat cake!” Sure, giving out a giant chocolate cake for a Christmas gift wasn’t the intention of the original quote, but I don’t think Marie Antoinette would put up a fight when it comes to a slice of this insane chocolate cake from Harry & David. INDULGE. You know you want to.

Time to get your Christmas shopping list checked off, am I right? Happy holidays!

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