20 Chocolate Gifts That Will Truly Delight Any Chocoholic on Your Holiday List

Chocolate is one of those foods that makes us feel poetic — so poetic, in fact, that acclaimed authors and poets have written about it countless times. So when you’re looking for a perfect gift for chocolate lovers, not just anything will do. Sure you could present them with a box of chocolates or a mug of boozy hot cocoa and call it a day, but compared to these 20 delectable gifts we found, those options seem a little, well, boring.

Whether you're a dark chocolate devotee or prefer to keep things on the sweeter side, these holiday gifts will keep things merry, and are sure to please even the most intense chocolate addict.


Phone Case

Phone cases have no right to look this delicious. But somehow we just can’t resist this chocolaty iPhone goodness.

Phone case, $15, Mod Cloth

Chocolate-Scented Nail Stickers

Forget the glitzy polish — chocolate-scented nail decals are guaranteed to give you the coolest manicure in the room.

Chocolate-scented nail stickers, $6, ASOS

Chocolate Whoopie Pie Kit

This instant whoopie pie kit guarantees you can make tasty treats without any pastry chef experience.

Chocolate whoopie pie kit, $10,

Chocolate Marshmallows

Take that hot cocoa to a new level with homemade chocolate marshmallows that melt in the sweetest way.

Chocolate Marshmallows, $7, Etsy

Luxurious Truffles

Yeah, Hershey’s kisses may be a holiday classic, but can anything really compare to the slow melting of a truffle on your tongue?

16-piece truffle set, $38, Moonstruck Chocolate

Mocha Rose Lip Balm

Cure one of wintertime’s toughest ailments — chapped lips — with a balm that tastes as good as it sounds.

Mocha rose lip balm, $8, Urban Outfitters

Nutella Sweatshirt

Wear your heart on your shirt, because we all know that this hazelnut spread is the true nectar of the gods. Pair it with a customized jar of Nutella for maximum effect.

Nutella sweatshirt, $29, Etsy

'Chocolate: 90 Sinful & Sumptuous Indulgences'

For the cocoa-loving foodie, this cookbook provides a world of culinary opportunities.

‘Chocolate: 90 Sinful & Sumptuous Indulgences,’ $25, Anthropologie

Chocolate Print

This wall art pretty much says it all. Chocolate accepts everyone.

Chocolate print, $15, Etsy.

Max Brenner Gift Box

With a variety of gourmet sweets to offer, Max Brenner is the chocolate authority when it comes to gift boxes.

Max Brenner gift box, $20, Max Brenner

Hot Cocoa Gift Set

A gift of hot chocolate is guaranteed to keep your recipient warm all winter long.

Hot cocoa gift set, $20, Godiva

Cupcake Face Mask

At last, a socially acceptable way to cover your face in chocolate — and leave it feeling silky smooth.

Cupcake face mask, $7, LUSH

Hot Chocolate Mugs

Ergonomically designed for optimal hand-warming, these lovely little mugs make the perfect vessel for piping hot cocoa.

Hot chocolate mugs, $30 for 4, Max Brenner

Chocolate Fudge Candle

Even if you can’t always have fudge in your home, this candle makes it smell like you do.

Chocolate fudge candle, $19,

Gourmet Chocolate Bar

For a simple gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit, look no further than Mast Brothers for high quality, delicious chocolate bars.

Gourmet chocolate bar, $10, deandeluca

WonderBerry Chocolate Truffle Oolong Tea

For a wintertime beverage that’s a little less rich than hot chocolate, this oolong tea hits the spot.

WonderBerry Chocolate Truffle Oolong Tea, $11, Teavana

Chocolate Truffle Soap

Showertime just got a hell of a lot more deliciously fragrant.

Chocolate truffle soap, $6, Etsy

Chocolat Rouge Sweet Red

Chocolate. Wine. Need we say more?

Chocolat Rouge Sweet Red, $7, Totalwine

Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

For the wanderlusting chocoholic, this mini chocolate bar library gives a taste of cocoa from every corner of the world.

Exotic Chocolate Bar Library, $25, Vosgeschocolate

Chocolate Cherry Decadence Coffee Duo

A cup of Joe becomes all the more delectable with a hint of chocolate.

Chocolate Cherry Decadence Coffee Duo, $24,