27 White Elephant Gift Ideas That Will Out-Weird Everyone In The Room

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As an only child, and a child of Jewish immigrants, Christmas was never on my top list of priorities. I never learned about cool gift exchange ideas, let alone white elephant gift exchange ideas, until high school — and even then, my knowledge was, and continues to be, very basic. I only heard about white elephant gift exchanges for the first time last week, so I started researching and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually quite fun and right up my alley.

If you don't already know how a white elephant gift exchange works, listen up: This party game is played with a minimum of six people, and everyone brings a wrapped gift and places it in the corner of the room with all the other gifts. The catch: all these gifts can't be ordinary, thoughtful gifts. They have to be annoying, funny, or totally irrelevant to the receiver. Basically, everything I love giving to people.

The goal is to make people laugh. I really enjoy that idea because gift giving has become so difficult for me. It used to be a one shop stop to the mall and I was done! Now my friends are all adults and have specific tastes or whatever. I feel like the white elephant gift exchange is the answer to my prayers.

The rules do get more complicated so you can watch the following video to get a better sense of what to do. This could be a great way to lessen the financial burden this holiday season, especially for those of us who JUST graduated from college and have student loans to pay off.

Philip Meekhof on YouTube

And to make things even easier, I've compiled a list of gifts you can purchase online just in time for your next gift exchange!

1. Rubber Lips Wall Decoration

Rubber Lips Wall Decoration, $40, Etsy

This glorious nonsense is the perfect gift for a friend who doesn't smoke and isn't into disembodied lips. Maybe they can hang their keys on it?

2. How I Wasted A Day - Mini Comic

How I Wasted A Day Comic, $1, Etsy

Maxx wrote this comic book for someone to enjoy. You know Maxx means business because the name has two X's. Now you can enjoy watching someone try to make this into a useful thing.

3. Cat Poop Earrings

Cat Poop Earrings, $12, Etsy

Stranger: "What's that on your earring?"

Your Friend: "These? Oh, it's just some cat poop!"

That will never get old. I would pay money to have this happen. In fact, I will totally buy these. They also have necklaces and other objects to match. Enjoy!

4. Christmas Pickle

Christmas Pickle, $7, Etsy

Sometimes there isn't a need for an explanation. Sometimes you just have to look at a pickle wearing a Santa hat and know that the universe has a plan for you.

5. Extraterrestrial Alien Specimen In A Jar

Extraterrestrial Alien Specimen In Jar, $30, Etsy

If you have a friend that is totally into aliens and all things extraterrestrial, why not give them something like this? It's a bit pricey but the joy you'll get from them having to explain this when people walk into their apartment is really priceless.

6. Poo Soap

Poo Soap, $6, Etsy

I don't know why I'm fixated on poop gifts but I feel it has something to do with my incredibly childish sense of humor. Anyway. This is poop-shaded soap.

7. Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug, $13, Amazon

Because why not drink out of a toilet?

8. Fifty Shades Of Chicken Cookbook

50 Shades of Chicken, $12, Amazon

Oh, man. I've always wanted to combine BDSM and savory cooked chicken. Now you can, too.

9. Mr. Bacon's Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste, $6, Amazon

I feel like this can be a gag gift for sure ... but something also tells me people would respond well to this. Bacon is the universal unifier.

10. Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling Pickle, $15, Amazon

This answers the burning question of "how many people out there are really into yodeling?". Apparently enough for this to be a thing.

11. Fanny Bank

Fanny Bank, $15, Amazon

This is it, everyone. The winner. A farting butt-shaped piggy bank.

12. Hand Shaped Hand Soap

Hand Shaped Hand Soap, $9, Amazon

Another soap for the ages. I mean, I like to high-five myself and my friends already. I guess this would be the right next step.

13. Bacon Scented Air Freshener

Bacon Scented Air Freshener, $7, Amazon

I don't know if I want this in the car or the kitchen. EVERYWHERE.

14. Pony Hand Puppet

Pony Hand Puppet, $8, Amazon

Have you ever considered a way to both entertain and scare the crap out of a bunch of kids? Introducing this pony hand puppet thing. It will get the job done.

15. Vintage Dumbbells

Vintage Dumbbells, $23, Etsy

This works on two levels. A) It's a hassle to wrap/unwrap, and carry B) It ~implies~ something to your friends.

16. An Iron Trivet

Iron Trivet, $45, Etsy

In case you didn't know what a trivet was, because I sure as hell didn't, it's a device used to place hot irons on. So. Yeah.

17. Spongebob Neck Warmer

Spongebob Neck Warmer, $11, Etsy

It's getting cold. Be nice and get someone this very not-age-appropriate clothing item. Unless your party has kids, this will be passed a round quite a bunch.

18. Pot Leaf Bikini

Pot Leaf Bikini, 13, Etsy

Enough said.

19. Fork Used By Presumed Cannibal

Fork Used By Presumed Cannibal, $40, Etsy

Here is the thing. To many people this will be weird as hell. To people who are your friends...this will still be weird as hell. Job accomplished?

20. Shave And Play Barbie Doll

Shave and Play Barbie, $11, Etsy

I don't really understand or what to know where they got the hair to stick onto the Barbie's face. I'd rather never find out.

21. Fish Charm

Fish Charm, $8, Etsy

This is made out of spoons.

22. Bell Jar with Brain and Fork

Bell Jar With Brain and Fork, $30, Etsy

I mean. I honestly think this looks cool and would be dope to have in a house that is decorated in a similar way. Trouble is, your friends probs don't live in Frankenstein's mansion.

23. Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter

Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter, $4, Etsy

Don't get someone an ugly sweater. That is coming back into style these days. You want to get them something much less useful. This is perfect.

24. Drake Bic Lighter

Drake Bic Lighter, $6, Etsy

It's so small. People will think this is something else until they open the box and BOOM. Hotline bling.

25. Giraffe Coasters

Giraffe Coasters, $10, Etsy

These will make you look like a silly adult when you bust them out at dinner parties. It's a great conversation starter.

26. Hot Dog Sleeping Mask

Hot Dog Sleeping Mask, $11, Etsy

This is how you adult correctly.

27. Adult Handmade Viking Hat With Facemask

Adult Handmade Viking Hat and Facemask, $23, Etsy

Actually, never mind. THIS is how you adult correctly.

Just remember, friends: Gift responsibly.

Images: Courtesy of Brands