7 Subtle Signs You're Unhappy At Your Job

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Sometimes the efforts you make to find a job after college leaves you holding onto it for dear life. It feels like such a gift to have an offer after months and months of applying and tweaking your resume and scouring job listings and begging for work. Some of your friends from school lucked out and got jobs right away, and others will continue to search long after you. You will feel so relieved to have work that you'll promise yourself to stick it out, no matter what. The unemployed life was far too stressful and depressing, you'll do anything to avoid getting back there.

Sometimes work is just a job, and while it's not incredibly fulfilling, it's good experience and it pays the bills. But other times it's just not a good fit. So how can you tell the difference between paying dues and singing the workplace blues? It's a fine line and it's easy to miss. Sometimes it's worth it to take a risk and move on to another job, and other times it's just a matter of settling in and communicating better. Remember, your boss doesn't want you to be unhappy just as much as you don't want you to be unhappy. The best employee is a happy one. Here are seven subtle signs you're not happy at your job and should start to think about making a change:

Sunday Night Anxiety

The weekend should definitely feel like a much needed break from the week, but if it feels like a dire salvation, you might be dreading the work week a bit too much. If Sunday night fills you with anxiety, you're probably not happy with your job.

Monday Morning Blues

Everyone feels a little bummed on Monday morning. You're tired from a weekend of late nights and you could really use just *one more* morning to sleep in. But if you wake up feeling completely depressed about where you're headed and that slump doesn't fade over the course of the day, you're probably not happy with your job.

Inability To Focus

You don't have to have ADD to have trouble focusing at work. Especially when you're new to the job force, getting used to long hours and endless concentration can take a lot of time. But if you find that you're constantly trying to lasso your attention at your job, you're not as interested or invested as you should be. If your work can't hold your focus, you're probably not happy with your job.

Lack Of Energy

When you're unhappy, you lose energy. Without endorphins, you might feel sluggish and low. If your job is not fulfilling, engaging or stimulating you, it might not be the right fit.

Clock Watching

Does your day creep by at a glacial speed? Are you constantly shocked by how early it is every time you look at the clock? Y'know the expression "time flies when you're having fun"? Well, time crawls when you're not. If time seems to be going to slow motion, you may need to reevaluate how you're spending it.

Wandering Eye

If you're increasingly curious about other people's jobs, you might be unfulfilled with yours. It's good to be open to new opportunities and learn about what other types of jobs are out there, but if your eyes are always wandering and you can't stop comparing your job to the jobs of others, there might be an underlying reason for it you're trying to ignore.

Stress Dreams

Do you find that you wake up often feeling like you didn't get much sleep? You're probably not having a restful sleep. Anxiety dreams leave you feeling more tired in the morning than you were when you went to bed. If you're subconscious mind is spilling your work stress into your dream space, you're probably not happy with your job.

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