These Graphic Condoms Make Safe Sex Into An Art

Safe sex always needs a signal boost, and what better way to inspire folks to wrap it up than with a gorgeous graphic condom that can transform any plain old penis into a dazzling masterpiece? This ingenious idea of turning condoms into art was conceived by three French sisters who were tired of boring rubbers, so with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, launched Made In Love. Their first line of luxury, designer prophylactics will debut in spring and utilize the latest latex printing technology. According to their website, we should all imagine "the condom as a tattoo… As a piece of jewelry … As a piece of fine lingerie… As a message …" which seems pretty legit, right?

With the CDC's recently released statistics that show STD rates are hitting new highs, there's no reason not to use a condom. In 2014, there were 1.4 million new cases of chlamydia reported, and there was a five percent increase in cases of gonorrhea and a 15 percent increase in primary and secondary syphilis. Now more than ever it's vital to think of condoms as a life-saving accessory you should have before you leave the house. And thanks to Made In Love, you can now match said condom with your outfit, too.

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Images: @IntimityIsMadeInLove/Instagram