7 Pairs Of Heavenly Baby Shoes For Saint West

Though only only two days old, Kim and Kanye's new son Saint West is already a trending topic on Twitter and the face behind 680 million search results on Google. Only, we all knew this was coming. On Dec 5, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their newborn son Saint and yes, we all knew mania would ensue once the name was released.

Naturally, the newest addition to the Kardashian throne has been the talk of the moment. On Twitter, there is a fiery crusade between those pro and anti-Saint West — the unconventional name is provoking a mixed bag of results. But what is truly priceless are the collections of Saint West memes and jokes that have already rolled out for pop culture use. You know it's the year 2015 when a baby can already capture the web by storm.

Little Saint West will now be joining the sartorial ranks of older sis North West, who already is a trailblazer in toddler fashion. Whether or not you're a fan of the Saint West name, there's no denying that this youngster will inevitably be dressed to the nines 24/7. Saint West, sitting front row at NYFW: coming soon to theaters, 2016.

In honor of Saint West's birth, let us virtually go shoe-shopping for the little one.

1. Sneaker Game

Nike 'Free 5.0' Athletic Shoe, $48, nordstrom.com

Dad Kayne West is a total sneaker junkie — he's even released a line of lust-worthy kicks earlier this year. And like father, like son right? Though Saint West will most definitely be toting around a custom pair of Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers (one can hope), a sporty-chic Nike pair wouldn't hurt his collection too.

2. Jurassic Park

Robeez Dino Dan Crib, $25.95, nordstrom.com

Saint West is most likely going to need a bigger boat — for his future shoe game. And what baby shoe collection would be complete without an adorable pair of dinosaur sneaks? When (and if) Jurassic World becomes a reality, Saint West will be appropiately attired (just watch out for the raptors).

3. It's Plaid, Plaid World

Burberry Bosco Crib Shoe, $130, nordstrom.com

For when Saint West will be jetsetting across the pond, a pair of blissfully comfortable Burberry slippers are necessary. After all, you have to keep those toes toasty on that grueling flight (by private jet, of course).

4. Rough And Tough

Ralph Lauren Ranger Boot, $49, nordstrom.com

Is it unhealthy that I can already picture Saint West rocking a pair of these edgy black booties with a matching mini moto jacket?

5. On Duty

Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Boot, $79.95, nordstrom.com

Combat boots are a must-have for the inevitable playgrounds Saint West will dominate. And when paired with a rugged plaid shirt and a beanie, it's all a match made in heaven.

6. A-Plus Style

Burberry Lace Up Oxfords, $265, saksfifthavenue.com

Though Saint West won't be worrying about locker code combinations or final exams anytime soon, he can channel a bit of English boarding school prep with a pair of Burberry lace up oxfords.

7. Beach Hopping

Ralph Lauren Fisherman's Sandals, $33.60, saksfifthavenue.com

Since Kim and Kayne still call the West Coast their home grounds, it's inevitable that Saint West will eventually find his way to the Pacific. Sundays in Malibu means he'll need a trusty pair of beach-friendly sandals, and these fit just the bill.

Congratulations Saint West: you will officially have a better shoe collection than I ever will in my lifetime.

Images: Courtesy Brands