"South West" Fans, Your Dreams Are Still Alive

On Monday, the world changed forever when it was revealed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their son Saint West. As someone who covers these people on a regular basis, I can say with 100 percent certainty that I was more excited to hear what name these two chose for their tiny human than I was to hear that he was actually born. Of course, it was great news that both Kardashian and her child were healthy, — but come on, these are the people who shocked the world by naming their daughter North West. As soon as the reality star's second pregnancy was announced, the only thing people cared about was the name. I mean, there was a decent chance it was going to be "South." Well don't get all down in the dumps, fans of "South West," because Saint's name is still satisfying your directional moniker needs.

You see, even though this baby's name is Saint, his initials are still SW. SOUTH WEST. Think it's a stretch? Try googling "SW." The first hit is Southwest Airlines. And a bunch of the pages under that are about things that "SW" stands for. And you know what that includes? SOUTH WEST.

Think that won't work because of his middle name? Think again. There's a really good chance that Saint West doesn't even have a middle name. Though it was rumored that his middle name was going to be "Robert" after his late maternal grandfather, Kardashian listed no middle name when she revealed the name on her website. She included his birthday and his weight, so why would she pass on including the middle name, especially if it was honoring her father?

I don't think she would. But I do think that she and West realized that their son's initials would be SW, which pairs up perfectly with North West's NW. It's synergy, people! And if anyone cares about synergy, it's Kim "My Business Is Based On Like A Million Different Things That No One Really Understands" Kardashian.

So you see, we have NW and we have SW, and they go together perfectly. Your South West dreams have come true! (Also, Kim can totally get a little locket or pendant shaped like a compass with both their initials on it. Look out for it on her Instagram in about two weeks. Mark my words.)