8 Gifts For 'The O.C.' Fans That Will Put Everyone In The Chrismukkah Spirit

If I could be a character on any TV show, I'd choose The O.C. in a second. Sure, I've never actually been to Newport Beach, but I just know I'd love living there. I'd have to dig up the velour tracksuits from my high school days when I (unsuccessfully) attempted to channel Summer Roberts, but I'm fairly certain I could make it in time for the Cohen family's Chrismukkah celebration. I mean, what better way to celebrate the holidays than by combining the best aspects of Christmas and Hannukah? Plus, there would definitely be plenty of bagels and Chinese takeout. Sadly, I don't think this dream will become a reality — it's far more likely that I'll marathon old episodes with my friends while we avoid the freezing Connecticut air. But, I still need to do my Chrismukkah shopping and I've found plenty of perfect gifts for The O.C. fans.

If your friends love The O.C., you'll want to give them presents that will put them in the Chrismukkah spirit. With this handy gift guide, they'll be able to decorate for the holidays and beyond while listening to a Chrismukkah playlist that even Seth Cohen would approve of. Here are eight gifts that any O.C. fan will love.

1. Merry Chrismukkah Banner

First things first. Every O.C. fan needs a "Merry Chrismukkah" decoration — and this sparkly banner will look great in any house or apartment.

Merry Chrismukkah Banner, $26 from hawthorneave/Etsy

2. California, Here We Come Print

Whenever the opening credits roll, fans can't help but sing along — even if we've just watched five consecutive episodes in one sitting. Phantom Planet's rendition of "California" has become iconic thanks to The O.C., and this print is the perfect tribute to the show's amazing theme song.

California Here We Come Lyrics Art Print, $15 from TheSilverSpider/Etsy

3. Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle Tank

Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle were a match made in heaven — much like their owners. This adorable tank is the ideal way to celebrate one of The O.C.'s most unconventional 'ships.

Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle Tank, $23 from Cafe Press

4. Allergic Reaction To The Universe Mug

When Seth explained that he was having an "allergic reaction to the universe," we could all relate. It's become one of the show's most famous lines, so any O.C. fan will love drinking their morning coffee out of this mug.

Allergic Reaction To The Universe Mug, $15 from Cafe Press

5. Go Save The World Tote Bag

Before your friend heads off to save the world, they need this motivational tote bag.

Go Save The World, Summer Roberts Tote Bag, $17 from Cafe Press

6. The O.C. DVD Tree Ornaments

One clever Etsy seller turned old DVDs into bedazzled tree ornaments. There are seven options, so you can choose an ornament featuring Sandy, Ryan, Kirsten, Summer, Marissa, Seth, or Julie. No matter who your friend's favorite character is, you'll be able to give them the perfect decoration.

The O.C. Upcycled TV Show DVD Ornaments, $10 each from JingleHell/Etsy

7. Seth Cohen Illustrated Print

Many of us are still struggling to come to grips with the fact that Seth Cohen doesn't exist in real life, but we all have one friend who's taking it really hard. This spot-on summation of Seth may help.

Seth Cohen Hand-Illustrated Print, $22 from roaringsoftly/Etsy

8. Have A Very Merry Chrismukkah Album

No Chrismukkah celebration would be complete without the appropriate playlist. The O.C. Mix 3 features holiday songs from artists including The Ravonettes, Ron Sexsmith, Leona Naess, and The Long Winters — and, if Seth Cohen actually existed, I'm sure he'd tell you this is the only holiday music your friend needs this season.

The O.C. Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah, $9.99 from iTunes

Now that you know what to get your favorite O.C. fans for Chrismukkah, it's time to start planning the holiday menu. (Hint: All you really need are bagels and Chinese food.)

Images: Warner Bros. Television; hawthorneave, thesilverspider, jinglehell, roaringsoftly/Etsy; movieandtvtees/Cafe Press (2)