A 'Gilmore Girls' Gift Guide For Fans Who Dream Of Spending The Holidays In Stars Hollow

Holiday shopping can be stressful, and I'm not just talking about the crowded stores and long lines. Sometimes, it's tough to find the perfect gift for someone — especially if you love to give presents that are unique and have sentimental value. Luckily, there are plenty of gifts for the Gilmore Girls fans in your life. Since many of us love to watch the show with a friend or family member, the holiday season is the perfect time to give them a fun, Gilmore-themed gift that they'll truly enjoy.

The best place to find presents for Gilmore Girls fans is online — sites like Etsy and CafePress have a wealth of options. Whether you're shopping for a friend whose coffee addiction rivals Lorelai's, someone who thinks Paul Anka is the show's most underrated character, or your most bookish pal, the perfect gift is definitely out there. There are clothing items, coffee mugs (of course), and all sorts of home decor options. However, I should warn you that you may end up with a gift for yourself in your shopping cart. (I'm speaking from experience.)

Here are eight gift ideas for your favorite Gilmore Girls fans this holiday season.

1. Ode To Coffee Print

This print is perfect for your friend who simply cannot live without coffee. You know, the one who struggles to stand up and form sentences when she hasn't had her zero plus five cups of coffee in the AM.

Ode to Gilmore Girls, Coffee, $15.95 from BlossomsandBillows/Etsy

2. You're My Lorelai & You're My Rory Coffee Mugs

These adorable mugs can be purchased individually or as a set — and they're the perfect gifts for all the mother-daughter duos who love to watch Gilmore Girls together.

You're My Lorelai & You're My Rory Coffee Mugs, $20 each from PickMeCups/Etsy

3. Coffee, Pizza, & Gilmore Girls Tee

This shirt is ideal for the Gilmore Girls fan in your life who loves coffee and pizza just as much as Lorelai and Rory. (So, for any of my friends reading this — you know what to get me for Christmas! You're welcome.)

Coffee. Pizza. Gilmore Girls. Tee, $28 from SeriouslyHappyTees/Etsy

4. World of Books Tote

One of the best things about Gilmore Girls is that its main character is a devoted, unapologetic bookworm — and we all know that's a rarity on teen TV series. Not only does this tote bag feature one of Rory's best quotes, but it's perfect for carrying around a bunch of books. It doesn't get much better than that.

World of Books Tote bag, $20 from heytheredesign/Etsy

5. The Gilmore State Wall Calendar

Connecticut is technically known as the Constitution State or the Nutmeg State, but we all know it should really be called the Gilmore State. This calendar is both practical and fun — and the creator included plenty of quotes that only the most devoted Gilmore Girls fans will recognize.

Gilmore State Wall Calendar, $19.99 from Cafe Press

6. Stars Hollow Coasters

Let's be honest — we all wish we could live in Stars Hollow. But, since we can't, the next best thing is to surround ourselves with Stars Hollow themed merchandise, and this snowy, old-fashioned design is beautiful.

Stars Hollow, CT Tile Coasters, $10.99 each from Cafe Press

7. Doggy Swami Ornament

We should never forget about Paul Anka, the adorable dog whose fortune-telling skills were questionable. But, his costume was adorable and this ornament would look amazing in the home of any Gilmore Girls fan.

Doggy Swami Gilmore Girls Ornament, $14.99 from Cafe Press

8. Kim's Antiques Mousepad

OK, Mrs. Kim may not have run the most welcoming business in Stars Hollow, but her store did have plenty of beautiful antiques. (Even Emily Gilmore-approved.) Plus, everyone needs a daily reminder about what happens if you break one of her items.

Kim's Antiques Mousepad, $9.99 from Cafe Press

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do some holiday shopping — and I have a feeling all the Gilmore Girls fans in my life will be quite pleased with their gifts.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; blossomsandbillows, pickmecups, seriouslyhappytees, heytheredesign/Etsy; cafepressuser, t-shirtfort, mhdesigns (2)/Cafe Press