Don't We Know These Tattoos Never Work Out?

Everyone is done hearing about Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting's wedding, but because this isn't exactly about their recent nuptials, it gets a pass. Ryan Sweeting has gotten a tattoo of Kaley Cuoco's name on his arm and it is large and in charge. The name tattoo takes up about half of his forearm and he also got their wedding date tattooed in roman numerals inside a red heart above the "Kaley" tattoo. Sweeting posted a photo of his new tattoos to Instagram with the caption, "'Ink my whole body I don't give a...' Artistic cred to Damian at True Tattoo Hollywood." It's kind of a weird thing to say because it sounds a little like, "I have so many tattoos and care so little about free space on my skin that this tattoo with my wife's name doesn't even mean that much," but that's probably not exactly how he meant it.

Of course, the big problem here, as with any significant other name tattoo, is what will happen if Cuoco and Sweeting break up? One of the first things that comes to mind is Johnny Depp's tattoo — perhaps the most famous name tattoo ever — that he got in honor of former girlfriend Winona Ryder. The tattoo originally said, "Winona Forever," but Depp got it changed to "Wino Forever" after they split. So, are there any good options for Sweeting if he and Cuoco don't make it in the long run? There are a couple possible options.

- He could date a girl named Katey and get the 'L' crossed to form a 'T.'

- He could get the whole thing inked over to form a large black rectangle. "It's art!" he'll say.

- He could get the 'y' removed, become a health nut, and use it to express his love of kale.

- The 'a' and the 'e' could serve as the eyes on an animal face that could be drawn around the tattoo. I'm thinking an owl or a cat.

- He could remove the 'K' and the 'y' forming the word "ale" and get really in craft beer.

- He could leave it as is and find another woman named Kaley.

Good luck you two! His arm is gonna need it!

Image: Ryan Sweeting/ Instagram