This Stormtrooper Dad Parody Might Have You Reconsidering The Dark Side — VIDEO

It’s easy to think of stormtroopers as little more than mindless, plastic automatons with robotic voices and inexplicably bad aim (although it’s looking like Finn might change all of that in Star Wars: The Force Awakens). However, this parody video from The Toolbox imagines the iconic sci-fi soldier as just a regular dude, hanging out with the fam, walking the dog, and blowing up a planet or two: Meet “Stormtrooper Daddy,” Empire-loving family man. In his world, the dark side seems like a pretty nice place.

The video begins with Stormtrooper Daddy coming home from a long day at work and telling his wife, “Honey, we finally did it. We blew up Alderaan!” After celebrating the destruction of Princess Leia’s home planet, the action moves on to more mundane issues: What tie should he wear? When is he going to mow the lawn? Why is his kid watching age-inappropriate news coverage of Chewbacca being arrested? (Why is Chewie being arrested??) Stormtrooper Daddy may be part of an evil galactic empire bent on total domination, but he doesn’t let that keep him from spending quality time with his kid. Together, he and his young daughter read, play piano, and bond. For reasons that are unexplained, Stormtrooper Daddy keeps his helmet on the whole time, which, frankly seems like it would be really uncomfortable when sleeping.

Who knew a stormtrooper could have such an adorable, happy family?

Watch the whole thing below:

Images: YouTube (3)