Kylie Jenner Wears Matching Outfit With BFF, Giving Us Major Bestie Goals — PHOTO

When it comes to dressing up with her family, this lady usually opts to stand-out from all of the rest. Kylie Jenner wore matching outfits with a friend, and you know this friend of hers must be very special, because Jenner doesn’t wear the same ensemble as just any old person, you know? This must be one heck gal pal, or, at the very least, an equally fashionable dresser.

The ladies’ ensembles weren’t your run of the mill matching best friend t-shirts, either. Not that there’s anything wrong with coordinating tees — it’s just that, well, you know this is Kylie we’re talking about. She opted to wear a short, form-fitting black dress and black lace-up heels while her bestie wore the exact same outfit, only in white. They had a very ying and yang kind of thing going on. Apparently they complete each other or something. And they looked great together in their complementary outfits. Maybe Jenner should try this whole dressing up with her bestie thing more often!

There’s no style move Jenner can’t pull off — even wearing the same dress as someone else, which is typically a person’s worst fashion nightmare, you know? If you’re looking to follow in Jenner’s footsteps and fashionably match your BFF, too, here are a few gift ideas for matching your friend this holiday season.

Looking good, ladies!

1. Personalized Jewelry

Initial Bar Pendant Necklace, $38, Bauble Bar

Getting necklaces with your initials on them is a great way to have a piece of jewelry you can both wear.

2. Best B*tches

Best Bitches Tees, $30, kkarmalove

For that one ride or die in your life.

3. Cookies & Milk

Best Friends (Cookies) iPhone Case, $32, Look Human

Best Friends (Milk) iPhone Case, $32, Look Human

Because sometimes you pair together just as well as cookie 'n milk.

4. Roomies

Roomie Sweatpants, $88, Southward Apparel

For when your best friend also happens to be your roommate.

5. Golden Girls

Golden Girls 3 Pack Underwear, $120, Etsy

Sometimes you need to match more than just one friend, you know?

6. Monogrammed Bag

The Morgan Crossbody, $128, Madewell

A crossbody that can be monogrammed is just the kind of thing that your and your BFF need.

Let the matching begin!


Images: Courtesy Brands (6); Giphy (1)