Hey Android Users, The Taco Emoji is Finally Here!

Hey Android users! How are you doing? You doing okay? Feeling a little better now that the Android emoji update is finally here? I know it's hard always being in the shadow of other devices; it's like, "Hey, hello, we're here, too! We'd also like a taco emoji, please! The cheese wedge is also relevant to our lives!" Ugh. I'm sorry, guys. But hey, your update is here now, too! You've joined the big leagues! Do you want to send me you a taco emoji? Would that make you feel better?

Launched yesterday, the Android 6.0.1 update has brought about some subtle yet crucial changes. First of all, all the hand signs are no longer pink outlines. Honestly, I kind of liked the pink outlines, but oh well. The hands now have that slightly balloon-y aesthetic that iOS hands have, minus the (much-needed, I think) option to change the skin tone. It's bright yellow for everyone, at least for now.

With 184 new emojis and changes to 48 existing ones, you'd think that someone would have done something about the Android face options, right? But all the smiley face variations still have that weird melted appearance.

They're spooky, right? I can't be the only one who feels this way.

In any event, though, here are 10 of the most notable new or improved Android emoji. Check out the full list at ArsTechnica.

1. Taco

Hey, taco! Welcome, welcome! Just looking at you makes me hungry. I can't wait to use you for texts about food and also about, uh, other stuff. Good talk. See ya around.

2. Cheese Wedge

Hey, buddy! You look great!

3. Pile of Poo

The new poop is a little bit more anthropomorphic, which sounds bad — but honestly, it's a relief. The original poop emoji had fumes and flies coming from it, which was kind of just too much. No thank you. I like my pile of poo with a nice, friendly smile.

4. Bottle with Popping Cork

Just because you have an Android doesn't mean that you don't also want to be poppin' bottles.

5. Unicorn

So majestic. So rugged. Good for any and every occasion.

6. Levitating Business Man

Who is this man? Why is he in a suit? Why is he levitating? How is he levitating? I don't know, dude. But he's got everyone talking about him, so he must be doing something right.

7. LGBTQ-Friendly Relationship Options...

No longer are we faced we ambiguous blobs; now there are options for man-woman couples, man-man couples, and woman-man couples. LGBTQ inclusion is definitely a step forward.

8. ...And Family Options

There are also a whole slew of families that are also LGBTQ-friendly. Everyone is faceless, clothes-less, and bright yellow, but there are families with two women, families with two men, famimlies with a man and a woman, families with two boys, families with toe girls, families with one of each, families with just one, and so on. So many options!

9. Hand Signals

The praise and prayer hands, displayed with the rest of the spooky smile blob, are now on their own and much, much more similar to the iOS version. I'll praise that.

10. The Eye in Speech Bubble

It's now properly displayable on Android devices.

Images: Emojipedia (10); Giphy