Yolanda Foster Needs Privacy Regarding Her Divorce

It's always so sad when any marriage ends. It's even worse when it seemingly comes out of nowhere. Yolanda and David Foster seemed to have a pretty solid relationship on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but unfortunately after four years of marriage the pair recently announced their plans to move forward with a divorce, proving that reality TV certainly doesn't show the whole picture because fans were shocked when they announced their split. As much as I like to think that I have an all access pass into these reality stars' lives, viewers are often only given a pared down version of what's actually happening when the cameras go off. With that in mind, will we be watching Yolanda and David Foster's split on this season of RHOBH?

Well, according to E! Online, this season will not document Yolanda and David's divorce and probably won't really showcase anything at all to do with what lead up to it. So, RHOBH fans, let's take off our voyeur hats for a moment and be honest with ourselves... the omission of this particular story line is a really good thing. Yolanda has been through so much turmoil this year, there's no reason to pile on a sad story line about her marriage ending. I think that the rest of the ladies of Beverly Hills can supply more than enough drama to make up for the lack of divorce drama.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This all comes at a time when Yolanda has a lot of stress in her life. She seems to have more than enough to handle on her plate, so it's unfortunate that she now has to deal with this. The RHOBH star was diagnosed with Lyme disease about three years ago in 2012, so she has been dealing with the disease ever since. This struggle has been heavily documented on the show, and will likely be a focus again this season.

None of this can be easy to handle and with her children out of the house, her mansion sold, and her marriage ending, I just hope she can find a shred of relief somewhere — and maybe that will come with keeping this particular part of her life off TV.