Is Mindy Leaving Danny? 'The Mindy Project' Winter Finale Suggests She Chooses Her Career

The winter finale of Season 4 of The Mindy Project ended at a point I think we all knew was coming. Mindy hadn't been happy for a while with Danny pushing her to have another baby and stop working, and according to the finale, he might have pushed her right back to her Single Mindy's West Village apartment. Brace yourselves, because Mindy might leave Danny when The Mindy Project returns in 2016, but it might not be the worst thing to happen. After much deliberation — read: arguing — about having another baby and Mindy's career, the couple didn't see eye to eye, and their break-up (if that's what's happening) felt almost inevitable.

Since the beginning of Season 4, Danny and Mindy were not on the same page. They were so far from the same page, one of the was a Lord of the Rings book, the other was Fifty Shades of Grey. Since his return, Danny has been pushing for Mindy to quit the practice and take up the fertility clinic as a "hobby" (still stings), and become a full-time mother. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with that decision, it's very clearly not what Mindy sees for herself, which was shown in a series of flashbacks in "When Mindy Met Danny." (And yes, it kills me that this episode didn't end like When Harry Met Sally.")

We "learn" what we've always known during the flashbacks—Mindy and Danny didn't get along when she started working at the office. Danny tried to get her fired within her first day of working there, and almost succeeded. But, after proving how amazing of a doctor she is, he ultimately came around to the idea of her staying on as a doctor. He even tells her to not let anyone, even him, deter her from her career. Interesting, wouldn't you say?

In the present, Mindy is struggling. In the middle of the night, she goes to her old apartment, which Danny wants her to sell, to measure to see if Leo's crib will fit in there — an old "telling" trick Danny taught her, that led to Mindy staying at the practice when she was first hired. It does, and she starts crying. She removes the "For Sale" sign from the window, and it seems that she is going to move back into her old apartment and leave Danny. (Then she goes home and cuddles next to him, which was confusing but probably not worth dwelling on.)

If Danny is going to deter Mindy from her career, then she needs to step back. While I don't think Danny really wants to do this to the woman he loves, it's important that when faced with the issue, Mindy is choosing to pick herself. She's got the best interest of Leo in the front of her mind, but she's not willing to sacrifice all of the hard work she's done in the past ten years of her life.

Will Danny and Mindy get back together (if they do break it off in the beginning of Season 4's return)? Eventually, yes. Danny and Mindy have a bond — evident in the flashback from 2007 — that can't be compared to any of Mindy's other love interests. Danny just needs to see what is at stake by going against his own advice.

Images: Courtesy of Hulu; TMPGifs/Tumblr