Danny Makes A Big Wedding Call On 'Mindy Project'

There was no shortage of "Whoa, Nelly"s on "The Parent Trap" episode of The Mindy Project, but unfortunately, no one is saying "Whoa, Nelly" because of the sexy time Mindy and Danny are having. While "The Parent Trap" started on a high note — Danny and Mindy getting down and dirty — there was a looming cloud over the entire episode that burst by the end, leading Danny to hold off on his wedding to Mindy. The two have been struggling with communicating since the season began, but this move is proof that Danny and Mindy have a lot to figure out on The Mindy Project , before anyone walks down the aisle or has another baby.

Coming into "The Parent Trap," Mindy was set on pursuing her fertility clinic career, while Danny considered the business venture as more of a "hobby." Ouch, it still stings. Now, Danny is trying to impregnate Mindy, while Mindy is trying to stay as un-impregnated as possible, leading to this week's conflict between the two lovers.

This time, though, the conflict wasn't as easily resolved, since this isn't your average Mindy and Danny spat. This is some adult sh*t that actually needs to be figured out by the two parties. Unfortunately, one of the parties — cough, Danny — wasn't as keen to discuss Mindy's desire to stay a working mom, even calling her decision "selfish." He also was well-equipped to point out all of Mindy's flaws when it was probably the last thing she needed to hear, especially when she was running off to deliver her first baby for the fertility clinic. All of this eventually resulted in Danny suggesting he and Mindy "hold off" on their wedding so they can think things through.

So should we worry? We know Danny and Mindy are an end game couple. At its core, The Mindy Project is no different than the romantic comedies that are peppered throughout the series. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t face issues that will test the strength of their relationship.

The worry that Danny and Mindy’s perfect little world would become monotonous in Season 4 was quickly derailed after Mindy gave birth and her career became a point of contention between her and her fiancé. As most would see it, Mindy wants to be a badass career woman. She’s worked hard for her entire life to get to where she is, and taking that away from her would be a greater tragedy than if Danny and Mindy broke up for good. Whenever M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” makes an appearance, we’re reminded that Mindy is an incredible doctor.

The fact that Mindy and Danny are taking a break from planning the wedding in the penultimate episode before the winter finale raises some red flags. This, in itself, is a huge cliffhanger, so where the two will be after the winter finale is a big question mark. Hopefully, in time, the two will communicate their concerns and issues with each other better, and hopefully Danny will see that he’s just 100 percent wrong.

Images: screengrab/Hulu, tmpgifs/Tumblr (2)