11 Reasons Sonja Morgan Makes A Great Friend

I will argue to the death with anyone who ever says that Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City needs to get rid of Sonja Morgan. Then again, I'm sure no one is thinking such a preposterous thought, because let's face it, Sonja makes the show. She is the comic relief in between the addictive drama and offers up some of the best moments to have ever happened on the franchise. You know what else? Sonja Morgan makes a great friend, and not just because her friends get to witness her ripping shirts off of random men with her teeth.

There are times when she's a bit in denial about reality and maybe should take a step back from the partying, but there's no denying Sonja is a loyal friend, especially to Ramona. Not to mention, can you imagine grabbing a drink with her? What about going on a vacation? Sonja definitely spices up any event and she knows it, which is why I'd love to be her friend for just one day. It'd be one for the books.

Seeing as that probably will never happen, let's just take a moment to reflect on why Sonja makes one helluva friend, since, you know, I'll probably never get to meet her or her interns.

1. She's FUN

When hanging with Sonja, you know you're going to have a great night. What makes for a greater friend than someone who knows how to have fun and isn't afraid to get a bit wild? I'd love for her to be my wingwoman.

2. She Knows Who She Is

Granted, sometimes the explanation of her businesses are confusing and exhaustive, but Sonja knows who she is, goes after her dreams, and doesn't care what others think. What's more admirable than that in a friend?

3. She Has A Great Dentist

If you ever break a tooth, need a cavity filled, or are in search of a great dentist, I'm pretty sure Sonja has one on retainer. There's no doubt he or she is the best.

4. She's Honest

Some people don't like honesty and hate to hear the truth, but leave it to Sonja to tell it like it is. Sometimes what makes the best friend is someone who will never lie and is always 100 percent open.

5. She Knows The Right Way To Exercise

Seriously, why would you ever want to exercise any other way? Forget going to workout classes with your bestie, because burning calories in wedges with Sonja is the only option.

6. She Asks The Important Questions

Seriously, John, what were you doing there without Dorinda? Leave it to Sonja to get to the bottom of things.

7. She Knows How To Relax

I'm down. Then, maybe the two of us can watch some Netflix and cook something in her toaster oven? Best. Friday. Night. Ever.

8. She's Embraces Her Sexuality

She has no shame and it's refreshing. You know what else that means? She would never judge you for any of your sexual encounters.

9. She's The Caffeine Queen

I don't know about you, but I need a friend who can double fist caffeine.

10. She's Body Positive

Now, I'm not one to parade around naked or skinny-dip, but Sonja loves her body and isn't afraid to show it off. I admire someone who has a ton of self-confidence.

11. She Loves Life

Enough said. Get it, Sonja.

If only I could figure out a way to actually be her friend...

Images: realitytvgifs (14)/Tumblr