'The Little Mermaid' Will Be Blonde In The New Movie, But It's Not As Weird As You Think

When you think of The Little Mermaid, you think of a certain red-headed character, but not anymore. Chloë Grace Moretz has been cast in Universal's live-action adaptation of the movie, and she's keeping her natural hair color. That's right, The Little Mermaid is a blonde in the up-coming film, which is pretty heartbreaking for Disney fans and redheads alike, if you ask me.

As a redhead myself, I died a little bit inside when I heard that Moretz would be keeping her natural hue to play the iconic mermaid, but it's actually not that strange of a choice. Apparently this movie will be based off the Hans Christian Anderson's version of The Little Mermaid , rather than the Disney-fied cartoon. Oh, and Moretz's character won't be named Ariel, either.

As Moretz explains to Entertainment Tonight, this film will be a "modern revisionist tale" that's "progressive for women in this day and age." I'm sure Moretz will make the perfect mermaid, but it still just won't be the same without the iconic redhead taking over the big screen, IMO.

Even though Moretz is not a redhead, she does have the perfect wavy locks to pull off the look of an underwater princess. Just check out her lovely locks in comparison to the cartoon.



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As sad as I am about her not having red hair for the role, there's no denying that Moretz will make a killer mermaid!

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