Steal Kendall Jenner's Victoria's Secret 2015 Fashion Show Hair & Makeup Looks — PHOTOS

It's officially time for reality TV's most famous model to make her nationally televised runway debut. Although every part of her walk is going to be on-point, I'm pretty positive that Kendall Jenner's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show beauty looks are going to be especially amazing.

One marker of a solid beauty look is how it looks when it comes to life — photos can give us great inspo, sure, but just like with clothes, seeing hair and makeup in motion is just a more dynamic way to show off a look. The VS fashion show may have already been taped, but that doesn't mean we've seen everything we need to see from Kendall's beauty game tonight.

No doubt Kendall will be walking down the runway with flowing beach-ready waves and luminous makeup that'll blow everyone away. Well, that, plus stunning lingerie and gorgeous wings. In any case, I think we can all agree that she will be ***flawless for every moment she's on camera. I mean, she's pretty used to it by now, right?

Here are the beauty looks I'm seeing on Kendall as she struts her stuff, and even better, how to steal them. After all, what's a good hairstyle or makeup technique if you can't take a little inspiration from them?

Her Runway Hairstyle

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ah, the signature Angel waves. Of course, Kendall is owning them, right? Surprisingly, though, they're easier to copy than you might think. This year, the models' waves are being done mainly using the Beachwaver, which takes almost all of the work out by rotating on its own (yassss.) Created by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, you know a spinning styling tool is legit when it's being used on the biggest beachy wave night of the year.

To recreate Kendall's style with Potempa's method, use a volumizing mousse and blow dry the hair upwards. Once you've got relaxed volume with a natural part, split the hair to the left and the right, then section from the bottom up.

Then, it's time to break out the Beachwaver S1. Clamp near the ends of your hair, leaving out about an inch. Press the arrow away from your face, and voila! A perfect beachy wave. Continue to curl up in large two inch sections as you move your way up, recommends Potempa.

To finish the look, spritz a boar and nylon bristle brush (like the Beachwaver Co. On Set Styling Brush) with a light-hold hairspray and comb out the waves. A smoothing shine serum is the final touch. OK, I've got this wave thing on lock. Put me in, coach.

Beachwaver S1 Ceramic Rotating Curling Iron, $129,

Beachwaver Co. On Set Styling Brush, $42,

Her Glowing Makeup

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is it just me, or is Kendall's glowing California-girl complexion practically made for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? To steal the look, created by lead makeup artist Dick Page, start with primed and evened-out skin. Use concealer to brighten up dark circles and start on your highlights, then sculpt your brows to frame your face.

Add a subtle matte light brown eyeshadow to the creases of your lids, and line your eyes in dark brown (making sure you tightline, too.) After applying mascara and falsies (if you should feel so inclined), use a shimmery highlighter to brighten up the high points of your face, like your cheekbones and down the center of your nose. Finish off with a light pink lip gloss.

Here's Australian YouTuber/beauty guru Katerina Williams' awesome tutorial, for your reference:

Katerina Williams on YouTube

Her After-Party Hairstyle

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, a bonus beauty look from Kenny! She's giving her runway looks some serious competition at the after-party. The It Girl of the moment is working the It Hairstyle of the moment for the celebration — the half-up top knot.

To copy the look, start with your angel-ready waves, or try the Beachwaver S1 method used for Kendall's runway look. This time, though, leave two inches of hair out when you clamp down rather than one.

Give your roots extra volume by spritzing them with texture spray, then tease them to add more volume using Beachwaver Co.'s Mini On Set Styling Brush. Twist the top section of your hair into a bun on top of your head using a clear elastic, then use your brush to smooth back the roots. Finish by arranging your waves the way you want them, pink-carpet style.

There's an even easier hack, though — Beachwaver Co.'s Half Up is the hair styling trick you never knew you needed. Here's how it works:

The Beachwaver Co. on YouTube

Beachwaver Co. Mini Styling Brush, $22.50,

Beachwaver Co. Half Up, $4.99,

Alright, I'm officially ready for next year's Victoria's Secret fashion show (sorry for stealing all of your secrets, Kendall.) "Just call me angel, of the mornin'..."

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