'Jessica Jones' Could Take Home A Golden Globe

Awards season is upon us, and with that the inevitable disappointment when the shows we championed during the year are not embraced by the Powers That Be. The first big awards show of the year, brought to us by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is sure to dish up some happy surprises as well as some heartbreaks. For example, is Jessica Jones eligible for Golden Globes nominations? The nominees will be announced Thursday morning, and I'm already nervous about it.

Marvel's latest series should be a serious awards contender, with it's excellent storytelling, acting, and handling of serious issues. I could easily see nominations for Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, the writing, directing, and the series overall. I've never had so many people talking to me about a show at the same time, and that has to count for something.

So, did the show squeeze by in time, or will we have to wait another year? The answer is a resounding YES, Jessica Jones is definitely eligible. Any show that aired during the 2015 calendar year is fair game, according to the official submission rules. In fact, that means that both Daredevil and Jessica Jones could be up against each other. At least they don't have to physically fight one another just yet, because that would be bad news for ol' Matty Murdock...

Now the question is, did Netflix and Marvel submit the show? House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black have both received multiple nominations for their first couple of seasons, so it stands to reason that Jessica Jones will at least be considered this year. The Golden Globe submission deadline was Oct 30, according to Deadline, well before the series aired. However, they could have easily submitted an episode in advance — especially considering the Jessica Jones pilot screened at NYCC on Oct 10. Also, the ballots were mailed and received well after Nov 20, when Jessica Jones premiered in full on Netflix. So, it's not inconceivable that screeners were sent out and the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were able to become aware of and familiar with the series.

Awards shows are often tentative to take "genre" (comic books, science fiction, fantasy, whatever the heck The Walking Dead is) shows and movies seriously, and Jessica Jones could finally smash down that barrier. Fingers crossed that when the Golden Globe nominations are announced on Thursday, the HFPA gives some love to Jessica Jones.

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; Giphy