The Craziest ‘Real Housewives’ Moments Of 2015

It’s been a busy year for The Real Housewives. In 2015 alone, there were five iterations of the franchise that aired either full or partial seasons, and more crazy Real Housewives moments than one person could count. But, of course, I tried to count them, because honestly nothing thrills me more than going through old episodes of The Real Housewives with a fine tooth comb and searching for the most insane moments ever. And when it comes to the ladies in Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills, there are a lot of dramatic moments to comb through.

With over 100 episodes of The Real Housewives aired in 2015, there were plenty of brawls and backstabbing to work my way through. Not that I’m complaining, of course: More material means more hours of mindless television time (and more cat fights than I care to mention). If 2015 had to experience one more uncomfortable and contentious dinner party, I’m pretty sure it would explode in a mess of foundation and couture. Because The Real Housewives were out in full force in 2015 with some of the most compelling story lines and the most real moments that have ever been seen on the show.

From family strife to legal issues, these ladies faced it all in 2015, including these — their crazier moments.

When Heather Dubrow Spent $500,000 On Cabinets

This I will probably never get over. I swear it traumatized me for life.

When Meghan King Edmonds Became A Super Sleuth

Calling exes and imaging specialists, Edmonds got to the bottom of Brooks’ cancer diagnosis. Er, well, kinda.

When Everyone Thought Brooks Ayers Faked Cancer

This was, hands down, the craziest story line in Real Housewives history. For the record, when asked if he has cancer during a pre-recorded interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen, Ayers stated, "I do...I’ve been in treatment. Chemotherapy, plus a lot of holistic approaches. Alternative medicines to build up my immune system … going on for 11 months. My numbers are normalizing. My lesions in my lymphatic system have now gone. They’re gone. CT/PET scans reveal they’re no longer there."

When Shannon And David Beador Almost Split Up

Showing their therapeutic process on national television was huge. I was super impressed with how real Shannon insisted on being with the cameras, and how vulnerable she was willing to get.

When Bethenny Frankel Fed An Ice Cream Sandwich To A Clown

I mean… what?

When Carole Radziwill Had A Sex Dream About Bethenny

And it made you love how honest and real that girl is even more.

When Sonja Morgan Couldn’t Shut Up

Smokey eye, updo, in Staad. Smokey eye, updo, in Staad. Smokey eye, updo, in Staad!

Every Time Ramona Singer Tried To Flirt

Not only was it the most awkward thing ever, but she had no sense of girl code.

When Luann De Lesseps Was So Cool

After letting a naked man sleep across the hall from Heather and Carole, Luann was so cool, while the two of them were so, like, uncool.

When Carole Radziwill Dated Luann’s Niece’s Ex-Boyfriend

They are totally adorable together, Luann, so get over it.

When Dorinda Medley Went Off About The F-Word

Because swearing is something these ladies never do.

When Apollo Went To Prison

That moment in the garage was super scary and super dramatic. Definitely another one of 2015’s most real moments from the franchise.

When Nene Leakes Threw Some Serious Shade At Claudia

For no apparent reason! But how impressed were you when Claudia totally stood up for herself and didn’t back down for a minute?

When Nene Leakes Finally Got Real At The Reunion

When that therapist came on and she seemed to have a breakthrough right there on television, it was powerful.

When Porsha Williams And Cynthia Bailey Kicked The Crap Out Of Each Other

On Kenya’s come-together boat tour, the two got in a fight over the word “b*tch” and things quickly escalated into Cynthia and Porsha literally kicking each other until they were bruised. It was one of the craziest moments of the year, for sure.

When All Those Beverly Hills Housewives Got Stoned

Or, planned to, at least. When it came down to actually eating a space cake in Amsterdam, they pretty much all chickened out. Then, Brandi called Kyle out for being fake because, in real life, she apparently does appreciate a little pot. Ugh, it was so crazy and dramatic. Let’s be real: They all probably could have used the space cake in that moment to chill out.

When Lisa Rinna Threw The Wine Glass At Kim

Ummm, can we just call this the craziest Real Housewife moment of 2015? Because I think we all were sitting at home, eyes wide, mouths agog, wondering what the hell had just happened.

When Kim Richards Was Acting... Odd At Eileen’s House

I just felt bad for Eileen’s husband who bore the brunt of her behavior.

When Bella Hadid Got A DUI

It was a crazy moment for sure, but it showed Yolanda’s vulnerability. It also made clear what an amazing mother she is, supporting her daughter while talking seriously with her about the gravity of her mistake.

When Brandi Glanville Called Eileen A Homewrecker

Time to start singing a new song, Brandi.

When Brandi Glanville And Kyle Richards Fought Over A Piece Of Pizza

OK, really it was more complicated than that, but I like to watch this GIF on repeat and pretend that that’s all this physical brawl was about — a two Real Housewives going it over a slice of cheese pizza.

When Kim Richards Accused Lisa Rinna’s Husband Of… Something

We still don’t know what Kim was implying when she told Lisa she knew some deep dark secret about her husband. And none of the other housewives did either.

When Lisa Vanderpump Implied That Yolanda Didn’t Have Lyme Disease

Something tells me this is going to be the storyline of the new season, and that Yolanda isn’t going to stand for it for one second.

See what I mean? 2015 was a banner year for The Real Housewives. Here’s hoping 2016 brings them peace, happiness, and way less drama?

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