23 Times Vicki Gunvalson Was You During FInals

Have you ever watched Real Housewives and thought to yourself "That's so me" in response to the women's one-liners and other antics? Sure, they are famous millionaires who make money from arguing on TV, but there is actually something relatable about them. When it comes down to it, they are all human beings, just like us. They might not struggle with paying bills or doing laundry, but you definitely have some things in common with the women from Real Housewives. Even if we don't have the same exact problems, we can at least relate to some of their sentiments and apply their words to our own lives. It may seem like a stretch, but there have been many times when Vicki Gunvalson was you during finals week.

They've never shown Vicki or any of the ladies taking classes or even cracking open a book, so this might seem a little off base, but trust me, it's not. Every dedicated student knows that finals week can be a very stressful time. Sometimes you might even get a little irrational to a point where you cannot express why you feel the way you do. You don't have to explain it yourself anymore: Vicki knows exactly how you feel.

1. When You Check The Exam Schedule & You Don't Have Finals In All Classes

You're not completely exempt from finals, but at least you have five instead of six. There is such a great feeling of relief when one of your professors blesses you by not having an exam during finals week. Sure, you probably still have an exam the week before or at least a project to do, but in that moment all you can think about is having one less final during hell week.

2. When Finals Week Begins

You have probably said said this give or take some expletives.

3. When A Friend Asks To "Borrow" Your Notes

You took diligent notes all semester and now your friend who barely attended class wants you to send them to her? No. But you're not that fierce, so you pretend that they're not that great and encourage her to ask someone else.

4. When You Are Over The Review Session

Why do you even show up? This is beyond boring and you're getting nothing out of it.

5. When You Finish Your First Exam... And Still Have Four Left

You feel so relieved to hand in your first test... and then you realize that you still have the whole week to go. You may be "done," but it's not actually over.

6. When You Try To Be Positive Walking Out Of An Exam

You did all you could. Now all you can do is wait and see what grade you get back.

7. When The Caffeine Hits You Hard

You had one, or four, cups of coffee too many, and it's more detrimental than anything at this point.

8. When Don't Want To Study Anymore, But That's All You Can Do

Every dedicated student has that breaking point during an intense finals week experience. The last thing you want to do is study, but you know that's the only way you can come out of finals victoriously. Sometimes you just need to feel better and a hug can get the job done.

9. When You're Studying For An Exam In Your Hardest Class

Studying for a final when you are not doing as well as you'd like is an uphill battle. You know that everything is riding on this last exam grade, and the pressure is getting to you. When people ask how you're doing, you can't help but keep it real.

10. When You Have No Idea What You're Even Reading

You've been in this class all semester, yet nothing is coming together for this final. You just keep reading the same passage over and over, but nothing is sticking. This is the worst time to feel confused.

11. When You Question How You Even Got Into College

If you're really into your grades, there's a good chance that you're pretty tough on yourself. You have no idea how you are going to get through this class or life in general. Usually this is something you can snap out of pretty quickly, but you've probably had this thought at a least once.

12. Walking Into Your Toughest Final

You studied hard and you know your stuff. You are going to own this exam.

13. When A Friend Says That Her Classes Are Harder

The last thing you want to hear about when you are struggling with study material is how much "harder" your friend's classes are. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

14. When Material That Wasn't On The Study Guide Is On The Exam

You did everything you were supposed to do! Or so you thought. How does the professor think it's at all OK to throw extra material on the exam

15. When Someone Asks You How Your Exam Went

No one should talk to you until you get the grades back and you bring it up yourself. Nothing else is at all acceptable.

16. When A Friend Is Shocked That You Got A Good Grade

You worked so hard. No one can take this glorious moment away from you.

17. When The Caffeine Wears Off

What is sleep again? That is a foreign concept to you at this point.

18. When You Get A Bad Grade

You did everything you could. You gave up sleep and bathing and now all you can do is hope for an overall curve on the class.

19. When You Break Down In Front Of Your Squad

The week got the best of you and now you are breaking down during the group study session. You thought you were fine but as soon as someone uttered the words "Are you OK?" you immediately started bawling.

20. When Someone Calls You Out For Procrastinating On Social Media

Did you need to take that "Which Super Model Are You?" quiz? No, but you had every right to. You deserve a study break.

21. When Your Friends Finish Finals Before You

You're the only one from the squad left in the library. You're getting Snapchats from everyone else raging at the bar. You are hating life.

22. When You Wonder If You're Ever Going To Have A Social Life Again

Aside from asking the TA questions at a review session, you've had zero human contact since you entered study mode. You can't wait to resume your normal life of pushing off your responsibilities and napping in between hang outs with friends.

23. When You See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You are almost done with finals.week. You can see it now!

Finals week is a roller coaster of emotions from pride to stress with fatigue and over caffeination in between. Luckily, Vicki Gunvalson understands you during this tough time.