'RHOBH's Kyle Was Disinvited From Niece's Wedding

It is no secret that the Richards sisters have been through a lot on the Real Housewives of Orange County. For starters, Kim Richards has struggled with sobriety throughout the seasons, which she — at the time of filming — is currently seeking help with in a rehab center. Now, Kyle has another family dilemma to deal with, as it appears as Kyle was basically disinvited from Nicki Hilton's wedding on RHOBH .

While Kyle didn't call it "disinvited" on the show, it appeared as if she was beating around the bush from saying that she was "disinvited" from her niece's wedding. Lisa, who was supposed to lend Kyle a dress for the wedding, learned of the change of plans when asking about bringing a dress to Italy where she and Ken were planning to meet with Mauricio and Kyle. According to Kyle, she was no longer going to the wedding. She was "told it would be better if she didn't go to the wedding," leading her to decide to not go at all.

Kyle says that she doesn't want to describe the relationship between she and her sisters, but I think it is pretty obvious where they stand. There has been a big disconnect between Kyle and Kim that has been shown on the series. But it is surprising to hear that there is a disconnect between Kyle and Kathy, Nicki Hilton's mother.

Lisa Vanderpump suggests that the relationship of the Richards sisters has been "tumultuous." It seems that any disagreement might be related to the scripted series Kyle will be producing on her life growing up in the '70s. Again, it's never blatantly said that is what might have caused a riff, but then again, Kyle rarely exposes all of her family's dirty laundry on this show.

As it turns out at the end of the episode, part of Kyle's family would be attending the wedding, in addition to Kyle. Lisa struggled with understanding the idea that only part of the family would be invited, but Kyle didn't want to get into the logistics of things.

Overall, it's sad to hear that Kyle's family wouldn't be attending her niece's wedding. She — and her sisters — have been through a lot, and it would be ideal if they could make their relationships work. With that said, families have their issues, and it's respectable that Kyle chooses to keep certain things between her and her sisters, rather than airing it for all of the fan base to see.