Yolanda Foster's Health On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Wavers & But Her Friends Are By Her Side

Yolanda Foster has been dealt a rough hand lately, and it's not getting much easier on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The former model and current Housewife has documented her struggle with lyme disease on social media for her fans to follow, but things are getting very real on RHOBH, where we truly see the struggle she's dealing with firsthand. Unfortunately, Yolanda still struggles with lyme disease on RHOBH . The good news is she has her friends by her side, hopefully making the fight a little more bearable.

On RHOBH, Yolanda's fight against lyme disease continued with a rather scary doctor's appointment that showed just how weak (and strong) Yolanda was. When fellow cast members Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson showed their support by visiting Yolanda at her condo — where she is staying during treatment — they saw just how many medicines and supplements their friend was taking. As Lisa Rinna puts it, "It's serious business."According to Yolanda, she's doing anything she needs to do to help herself get better. She even took the metal out of her teeth in hopes of aiding in recovery.

It is really interesting to hear Yolanda's friends talk about her struggle. It's obvious that Lisa Rinna and Eileen are there for her friend. Even Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump got in on the commentary, but their words are laced with a bit more concern than their costars' concern. Kyle told Lisa while on vacation that she spoke to a doctor about Yolanda's disease and thought some of her methods could cause more problems. According to Lisa Vanderpump, she thinks that Yolanda thinks that it was lyme disease at one point, but it might not be anymore.

Whatever it is that Yolanda is suffering from (lyme disease), it's obvious that she is suffering. It's important that she is surrounded by people that are going to support her recovery. Yolanda is a fighter, and she deserves to have people fighting by her side. Hopefully the women continue to support her through her journey, and don't take a page out of the book of their RHOC counterparts by questioning Yolanda's health, because this time, their support is completely warranted.