The 'Legend Of Tarzan' Is Getting Steamy Already

by Kadeen Griffiths

When I think Tarzan, I immediately think of the Phil Collins-enhanced Disney movie that gave me my personal hero, Terk. However, there have been many live action adaptations of Tarzan that I have ignored over the years, and there's another one on the horizon. Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie's Legend of Tarzan is coming to a theater near us eventually and, in the meantime, they are building anticipation for the film. On Tuesday, the first photos from Legend of Tarzan were released, and you might want to start fanning yourself. I feel like Jane marveling over the man in the loincloth who knows how to tree surf right now, because these pictures more than anything else will convince you that Skarsgard is the right man for the job of portraying Tarzan. You know, if True Blood wasn't already enough to convince you.

One photo features Tarzan alone (although, sadly, lacking his trademark loincloth), and the other features Tarzan and Jane, presumably falling in love because of the closeness of their bodies and the intimacy of said body's language. It's basically everything that you would expect from a good Tarzan adaptation, but don't take my word for it. I've included the pictures below, and then broken them down for you, so you truly appreciate everything that these photos have to say about the film I know we'll all be watching.


If you're like me, then your first thought upon seeing this picture was, "Wait, where's his loincloth?" Because I doubt that the apes of the jungle taught Tarzan how to zip up and button a pair of pants. I mean, there's a bit of confusion with how they taught him that he needs to wear a loincloth to begin with, but Hollywood successfully got me to forget that plot hole years ago. The pants thing, though, I'm not sure how to feel about this. I mean, I'm glad he's wearing pants, because rain and a loincloth just don't go together, but still. This creates more questions than it answers.

...And Jane

Does this take place at the end of the movie? Why is Jane so filthy? And why is she smiling? Is this the part where she chooses to stay in the jungle with Tarzan instead of returning home? Those clothes don't exactly scream civilization, but, hey, maybe the two of them just went swimming together and she didn't want to get her fancy dress wet while she was enjoying nature's natural beauty. My next question is where can I get my very own Tarzan, because Tarzan pressing his forehead against the back of her head like that has me feeling some type of way.

And there you have it. If you weren't rooting for this movie before, then these pictures will definitely have you rooting for this movie going forward. Skarsgard is a perfect Tarzan, and I'm already wishing that I was Margot Robbie. (Then again, that could be because I also want to be Harley Quinn.)