'You're The Worst' Can't Come Back Soon Enough

I've noticed that there are two different types of You're the Worst fans out there: Team Season 1, and Team Season 2. The former thinks that the show was much funnier last year, and don't like the more serious, emotionally grounded storylines like Gretchen's depression. Team Season 2 thought last year was just OK, but the way it's handled depression this season has made the show deeper and more interesting than your average sitcom. The two sides will never be able to come to terms, so it's up to Season 3 to be a deciding factor. But, how long do we have to wait for that? When will You're the Worst return for Season 3? Update: On May 10, FXX announced in a press release that You're the Worst Season 3 will premiere on Aug. 31, 2016.

Earlier: With the Season 2 finale airing on Dec. 9, it's going to be a bit of a wait. According to Variety, You're the Worst will return in Summer 2016. That means we have to go at least six months without Gretchen, Jimmy, and the rest of the gang, but it should be worth the wait. Here are six reasons to look forward to Season 3 — or catch up with the show if you haven't started it yet.

1. It Promises Not To Be Your Typical Romantic Comedy

You can't always use your average rom-com formulas to figure out where the show is headed. "I think that thing just got played out," creator Stephen Falk told Variety in the same article. "I think the Louis Armstrong song over the credits and the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks of it all are fantastic. I love them, I grew up on them. But I don’t think they resonate with the reality of how messy [people’s love lives’ are].” It's good to finally see a show for us messes!

2. It's A Respectful Depiction Of Depression

Yep... I'm a Team Season 2 girl. I think it's brave for any show to tackle depression in such a head-on way, and surprising for a half-hour comedy to do it. I can't wait to see how You're The Worst handles Gretchen's mental health in Season 3.

3. The Chance For More Episodes Like "LCD Soundsystem"

The episode titled "LCD Soundsystem" might be my favorite episode of television I've seen this entire year. It began by following two characters we've never seen before, going through their typical daily routine as if we should be familiar with them already. Only deep into the episode do we find out their connection to Gretchen and Jimmy (and it's a small connection at that). The beginning knocked me off-balance, and the rest of the episode kept me guessing until that connection was revealed — and I loved it! More episodes like this, please.

4. It Nails The Improv Comedy World

Anyone who's ever been dragged to a friend's improv graduation show can see that You're the Worst's depiction of the improv world is spot-on. For someone who isn't really in an improv group, it's cathartic to see how the show satirizes all the silly team names and short-form games; if you are in an improv group, it might hit too close to home.

5. Gretchen & Jimmy

It's a testament to the show that I sometimes forget I'm supposed to be worried about Gretchen and Jimmy's relationship. There's too much else going on. But, when I remember to worry about them, I do — I need a Season 3 to see if they're going to survive or not.

6. More Lindsay

I can't tell if I love her voice or hate it. I think I need another year before I can figure it out.

Images: Byron Cohen/FX; ytwgifs (3), lizzymindy, brookheimers/Tumblr