9 Reasons The Red Devil Killer Reveal On 'Scream Queens' Should Have Surprised Absolutely No One

I'll admit, I never heavily suspected that Hester was the Red Devil Killer on Scream Queens , or at least one of the Red Devils Killers, because it just seemed way too obvious to me. Hester's the weird girl obsessed with death. I was all like, "They want us to think she's the killer, but I won't!" In hindsight, I suppose that was the genius of it all. Because of Hester's dark quirkiness, I looked past the signs, and her underdog vibe did somewhat have me rooting for her (if you can really root for anyone on this show). And, you know, I just wanted anything that would supply me with more outrageously hilarious facial expressions from Lea Michele.

As per the reveal in the finale, Hester was, in fact, one of the killers. In cahoots with apparent twin brother, Boone, or, as I affectionately refer to him, that hottie Nick Jonas, and stuck-in-the-past sociopath, Gigi. Which I guess actually makes sense. The two could kind of pass as siblings, another thing I overlooked. Turns out, my detective skills weren't as good as I thought they were. That's OK, though. The only person on the entire show who actually figured it out was the dastardly Dean Munsch, anyway.

Here are a few reasons why I (and probably you) should have realized Hester was the killer all along.

1. Her Overeagerness To Be In Chanel's Good Graces

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, right?

2. ...Coupled With Her Overeagerness To Kill Her

There's a special kind of fury in her eyes as she says it, too.

3. Her Obsession With Chanel's Couture Closet Despite Her Terrible Fashion Sense

It was our first, very big, clue that Hester was not the frizzy weirdo with the cat shirt and windbreaker that she pretended to be. And, as she explained to us in the finale, she wasn't. We definitely should have paid closer attention to that.

4. Hester's Comparable Brow Game To The Girl Who Gave Birth To The Babies In The Bathtub

I mean, the resemblance, too. But the strong brow game, mostly.

5. The Neck Brace Inconsistency

I really just chalked up her infrequency of neck brace wearing (without real consequences) to the fantastical vibe of the show. A gross oversight.

6. Her Disconcerting Omniscience On How To Dispose Of A Dead Body

Listen, I watch a lot of Law & Order SVU, and I may know a few ghoulish facts, but nobody knows that much without doing some serious research. Or without, um, having the experience.

7. She Even Scared Chanel

Who was more than OK with every other heinous deed under the sun.

8. Her Investment In Zayday "Proving Herself" Worthy Of Kappa Presidency

As we learned in the finale, she didn't want to hurt Zayday or Grace because they were nice to her. In fact, she was totally cool with them being in charge in the next semester. She just wanted to be sure of it.

9. She Literally Told Chanel #5 (And Us) Who She Was

Come on, brain.

I'm going to go into Season 2 with a heightened sense of skepticism. You hear me, Scream Queens? This time, I'm taking notes.

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