The Red Devil Is Unmasked On 'Scream Queens'

We've been speculating, theorizing, and analyzing every clue since September — and, boy, it's been one wild ride leading up to the Scream Queens finale. There was no shortage of suspects and shady characters, but the finale revealed that Hester is the Red Devil on Scream Queens. After her mom, Sophia Doyle, died in the bathtub at Kappa in 1995 (while Grace's mother jammed to "Waterfalls" downstairs), she was taken in by Gigi's sister. But, she couldn't handle the pressure of raising twins and committed suicide — which is how Hester and Boone ended up in Gigi's care.

Hester grew up in a mental institution and was raised by Gigi — so, that's a pretty unfortunate childhood and it's not terribly surprising that she turned out to be an unhinged twenty-year-old. As we already knew, the revenge plot was years in the making. Hester reveals that, when they first arrived at the hospital, Gigi simply cried a lot — but then her sadness turned into anger and they began planning the murders while Boone and Hester were still wee ones. Instead of learning about state capitols and the Mayflower like most elementary school kids, the bathtub twins learned all about various weapons and the advantages to each. (Hester was way better at the memorization than poor, dimwitted Boone.)

Hester reveals that she was the brains behind the entire operation, Boone was the muscle, and Gigi was the crazy bleeding heart. Boone arrived on campus a year before Hester, because she was busy putting together the perfect persona. "The more weird and gross you are, the less people want to know about you," she explains. And, about that neckbrace? Yeah, she stole it from a fellow patient. (Harsh.) Despite the fact that her school records and SAT scores were clearly fabricated, Dean Munsch let her in to Wallace due to that fake spinal condition. But, Hester was hard at work on the revenge plan long before she was a student — she planned the acid attack on Melanie Dorkus.

So, did Scream Queens Season 1 conclude with Hester behind bars? Heck no, because that would be so boring. She shoved a stiletto into her own eye (but don't worry — she calculated the angle perfectly, so she'll be just fine). She knows it's insane and all, but it's the price one has to pay if they're going to get away with murder and pin it on someone else. Hester pointed the finger at Chanel, Chanel No. 3, and Chanel No. 5 and spouted out a whole lot of evidence against them. Chief of Police Denise Hemphill didn't think to ask how Hester knew all these random details, and all three Chanels were found guilty of murder.

And as for Hester? She's currently the Kappa treasurer and is rocking a stylish eye patch. The Chanels have been sentenced to spend the rest of their lives at the Palmer Asylum for the Insane — but they're having a grand old time and are happier then ever... until the Red Devil shows up at Chanel's bedside brandishing a knife. It looks like Hester's reign of terror may not be over just yet.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX