'Mr. Robot' Deserves All The Golden Globes So Everyone Knows It's The Best Show On TV

Sit down for a second, because I need to tell you why the show Mr. Robot deserves all the Golden Globes. Not a few, not some, not most — all of them. But, don't worry, I'm not expecting you to just take my word for it. In an ideal world, you'd watch the show, and then you'd immediately know for yourself exactly why I'm right, but I've noticed in my own experience that sometimes it takes an embarrassing number of recommendations for me to actually check something out, so I get it. (I'm still hanging my head about taking so long to get hip to Sherlock. And Orphan Black. And The West Wing. Ugh I could do this all day, what is my life?)

And the thing that Mr. Robot has in common with all the shows I just mentioned is that a) it's amazing and b) not enough people watch it. So, I'm going on a personal campaign to alert the Golden Globes to its presence before the nominations are announced on Dec. 10. I may be just one woman, but I have a lot of very backed-up reasons why this show is the greatest and should be showered with accolades, so I have confidence in my abilities. Also ,I may have installed a bug into the nomination system so that every vote for The Big Bang Theory registers as two votes for Mr. Robot. (I did not do this. While Elliot could manage it, I myself am woefully ill-equipped.)

So here they are, everybody, the nine reasons Mr. Robot deserves all the Golden Globes this year.

1. It Accurately Portrays A Social Anxiety Disorder

I don't have a social anxiety disorder myself, and I'm not a medical professional, so I can't speak to the exact portrayal of Elliot's issues in the show, but it is immensely refreshing to me to see the real things that make him different from those around him. He isn't just a quirky guy, or "awkward;" he has an entirely different way of interacting with the world, and the show deals with that right out front, with no apologies.

2. Rami Malek Is A Beast

Enough said. Malek got the Screen Actors Guild nomination, and I'm hoping that's just the beginning of great things for him.

3. You Can't Tell Who's Right Or Wrong

A lot of shows make it really black and white as far as who's good and who's evil, but Mr. Robot really flourishes in that gray area, where nobody knows anything for sure and the audience is responsible for coming up with their own opinions about what's going on.

4. Everyone's Just Doing Their Best

These are flawed characters, and they're going through exactly what the audience is, trying to figure out how to live in the world. They're not perfect, but the ones we find the most appealing are self-aware, honest, and real, and that allows me at least to forgive them for the times they mess up and let people down.

5. It Shows Us Honest Relationships

FINALLY. Finally, we can see a full range of all the murky relationships that we're all stumbling through in real life. Should they be together? Should they be apart? Are these people connecting with anyone? WHO KNOWS. Not gonna stop them from hooking up and being idiots and getting messy. I love it.

6. It's Proof That I Really Should Have Learned To Code

As if I needed any more. I'm still angry at you for not steering me toward the tech industry, mentors of my youth!

7. It Accurately Portrays Social Media

Might not sound like a big deal, but so few shows actually nail this that I have to call it out. Most of the time, when shows try to include social media references, it's a grab for younger viewers, and it's hopelessly out-of-date. But, on Mr. Robot, you see people actually using social media the way many of us use it right now, versus eight months ago when the series got greenlit. I don't know how the writers do it. Wizardry? Either way, they're clearly deserving of noms.

8. Because It's Honest About The Issues

In addition to big themes like capitalism and corruption, Mr. Robot also takes on less popular issues like mansplaining, bias, and microaggressions, by portraying them honestly and refusing to shy away from them.

9. All The Characters Are Developed

Sure, Elliot is the main character, but all the characters are really well built out, with backstory and motives, and they do a really great job sharing screen time and focus.

And there you have it. That's all you're getting until you watch the series yourself, and then you'll know I'm right. Mr. Robot deserves all the Golden Globes they can carry; it's just that obvious.

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