How To Live Your Best New Year's Eve, According To 'Friends'

New Year's Eve is a holiday that can go one of two ways in terms of content: it's either memorable in the good way (see: the best night of your life) or memorable in the bad way (see: a terrible end to one year and start to another). So, in effort to make this one memorable in a good way, I've decided to live my life by a Friends New Year's Eve episode, and, honestly, you should, too. Because everything that was and is good in this world is a direct result of that sitcom. Also, the Friends just really know how to do a holiday the right way.

If you're anything like me and have succumbed to awful, exponentially expensive parties and Twilight Zone marathons in New Year's past, I assure you, despite your bleak outlook, that there is still hope for a fun way to ring in the new year. I mean, if you've ever watched Friends, you know that you should never lack enthusiasm for this day. After all, the New Year's episodes are some of the most iconic of the entire series.

Here is how to live your best New Year's Eve, according to the colorful characters of Friends, who (despite what you may think) are not your actual friends.

1. Plan A Choreographed Dance-Off

To have fun. But mostly to impress all the fellow guests/clubbers.

2. But, Probably Don't Choose A Sibling As A Partner

Don't make it weird.

3. Don't Seek Out Attention

Attention will come to you.

4. For The Love Of God, Don't Wear Leather Pants (Or Anything Too Tight)

Chandler did warn Ross about the tightness, so now I'm warning you. Passing on the disapproving love, ya know?

5. ...Because You're Going To Be Out All Night Drinking & Eating, And You'll Need Clothes That Fit Properly

Or, this will happen. Ross Geller's life is a cautionary tale.

6. Be Careful Of Making Any Grand/Unattainable Resolutions

PureBloodPaul on YouTube

Start small. Also, you're just opening up a can of worms with all that self-righteousness.

7. Don't Get Hung Up On Who You're Going To Kiss At Midnight

Best laid plans and all that...

8. Because It'll All Fall Into Place, Anyway

PureBloodPaul on YouTube

Well, sort of.

See? It'll all work out. Just don't be like Ross. Or Monica. Or Joey. Actually, on second thought, maybe celebrating your new year like the Friends isn't the best idea after all...

Images: Warner Bros. Telvision; movienighteverynight/Tumblr; TBS (3); AlexiaSanchez, PureBloodPaul (2)/YouTube