This Princess Became an Intern

So what do princesses want to be when they grow up? The obvious answer would be "...queens?," but Princess Beatrice is bucking tradition and trading in her tiara for the glitz and glam of showbiz. Okay, since she's working behind-the-scenes, it's less glitz and glam and more coffee and copies, but still: SHOWBIZ. Princess Beatrice (whom you might remember for her avant garde/vaguely vagina-shaped hat at the royal wedding), the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has taken on an internship with Sony Pictures Television. This isn't the first nine to five the princess has held down; she quit her gig at London-based investment capital firm Cabot Square Capital last summer. The Sony job does sound more fun than that at least.

We can't help but wonder if the internship is paid or unpaid. The 25-year-old princess would certainly have the luxury of being able to accept an unpaid gig, but wouldn't it be kind of amazing for her to sign onto an unpaid internship lawsuit?

The internship with Sony Pictures Television will mark Beatrice's first return to the workforce since the summer of 2013. She filled the second half of her 2013 with travel. Places she visited during her holiday from work include the South of France, Switzerland (for a ski trip), South Africa (to attend a wedding, presumably clad in a high-fashion hat of some sort), Venice (for a mother-daughter bonding trip) and Spain (for just a plain old vacation with the fam).

Jealous yet?

The job might mean an end to Bea's travels for a while though, including trips to visit her baby sister Eugenie, 23, who works for an online auction house called Paddle8 in New York City. Sorry, Eugenie!