The New Emoji Twitter Update Lets You Use Diverse Emoji, Plus All The Recently Added Ones

For those of you who have been constantly sacrificing your emoji game to the Twitter gods, fear no more: Twitter's emoji update lets you use diverse emoji, as well as a bunch of recently-added emoji that used to only show up at blank squares in the past. The app announced the update on the Twitter Design page on Wednesday, much to the relief of every emoji enthusiast the world over. The tweet demonstrates the awesomeness of the new update with applause emoji in every shade, which seems an appropriate way to celebrate this much-needed change.

Anyone who has ever tried to use the multiple skin tone features on Twitter emoji knows the disappointment of seeing that, when published, most tweets just show a flesh-toned box instead of the emoji you originally intended. This happens on other apps as well, and is a result of them not updating to support the latest features on the universal emoji keyboard. This new Twitter update lets you use the whole range of skin tones, so now there is the kind of representation on Twitter that has already been rolled out into the main emoji keyboards. Time to whip out your phones and start tweeting your joy, y'all.

The new update to Twitter will also allow people to visibly post more recently added emoji, such as the much beloved cheese and taco emoji, which were gifted to us on iOS 9.1.

And of course, it comes just in time for us to use the One True Emoji To Rule Them All โ€” and in every skin tone, to boot. BEHOLD THE MAJESTY OF THE MIDDLE FINGER EMOJI, debuting on Twitter for the very first time:

Christmas came early this year, y'all. And Cheesus knows I'm gonna need that cheese emoji on Twitter if I'm going to celebrate this season right.