'The Originals' Is Taking A Holiday Hiatus

In just a few short hours from now, The Originals midseason finale will debut and deliver what I'm sure will be an action packed hour of bloody good television. But at the end of that hour, viewers will have to reside themselves to the fact that The Originals Season 3 won't return until January. That's right — JANUARY. And not even early January, which would at least be somewhat acceptable, but rather January 29, 2016. Sure, it's not the longest hiatus we'll be forced to suffer through (How To Get Away With Murder will keep us waiting until February!), it's still a rather depressing pill to swallow. We've come to love the Mikaelsons ever since they first made their grand debut on The Vampire Diaries, so the thought of going without them for any long period of time is just downright upsetting.

Luckily, I've come up with a fool proof way to help ease your pain throughout this trying time. Even though we won't actually get to see the Mikaelsons on Christmas and New Year's, that doesn't mean we can't still envision what they would more than likely be up to throughout their holiday break. I've taken the liberty of making a few predictions of my own, but please feel free to let your imagination run wild with your own ideas as well.

Klaus Would Be Painting Misunderstood Christmas Trees

To match his broody demeanor, obvs.

Elijah Would Be Wearing A Tailor-Made Santa Suit

Because, let's face it, if anyone can pull off a fitted Santa costume it's this guy.

Rebekah Would Be Throwing An Glamorous Holiday Dance

Her attempts to make it to a high school prom may have failed on TVD, but there's no way this vamp would miss out on an opportunity to get her dance on and look simply stunning in the process.

Marcel Would Be Hanging Out By The Mistletoe

And something tells me this charmer wouldn't be under there alone for very long.

Cami Would Be Partaking In Some Holiday Drinking

Eggnog, spiked cider, bourbon — you name it, she's probably drinking it. Throw in a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity and you've got yourself a party!

Hayley Would Be Ignoring The Holiday Completely

But that's only because she's too busy being a badass by protecting by her pack and the Mikaelsons.

Tune in for The Originals midseason finale Thursday, Dec. 10 at 9 p.m. (EST) on The CW.

Images: Eli Joshua Ade/The CW; overdosedeamor/Tumblr; dark-spn-angel/Tumblr (2); Giphy; thegifgarden/Tumblr; Wifflegif