Is Klaus In Love With Cami On 'The Originals'? Aurora Put His Affections For His Therapist To The Test

Get ready, Klamille shippers, because Klaus and Camille just went on one hell of a ride on The Originals. Aurora put Klaus to the test in "The Other Girl in New Orleans," forcing him to choose between her and Cami after kidnapping his therapist/crush in a fit of jealousy. Aurora sent Klaus on a game of hide and seek through New Orleans while she had Cami at her mercy. After Klaus finally found them in Marcel's church-turned-boxing gym, Aurora dared him to choose between her and Cami. Unfortunately for Aurora, Klaus chose Cami, saving her from a horde of hungry vamps created by Aurora to kill her instead of sticking around with his first love, Aurora. Before you get too excited, Klamille fans, know that Klaus never actually said he loved Cami. So, is Klaus in love with Cami on The Originals ?

It sure seems like Klaus is in love with Cami — or at least, as in love as he's willing to let himself be. When he finally had Aurora alone, he threatened to torture her slowly before he kills her for taking Cami hostage and hurting her. Even when Aurora theorized that Klaus is only in love with Cami's purity — not Cami herself, but her innocence — Klaus dismissed it. After hearing Cami confess to having somewhat enjoyed assaulting a man in college (he was her roommate's abusive ex boyfriend), Klaus still chose her. Hell, he even offered to have the man killed.


That said, Klaus did truly seem to have strong feelings for Aurora...until she kidnapped his sister and hid her in the bottom of the ocean. In fact, Aurora's hold on Rebekah was the only thing keeping Klaus from breaking her heart. When Aurora was begging for Klaus to be with her and abandon any feelings for Cami, he was able to get into her head and see her half of the coordinates where she had left Rebekah. With that information and Cami's life on the line, he left Aurora alone — for good.

Of course, this is Klaus we're talking about, so even if he is getting closer to admit his true feelings for Cami, he's not likely to act on them. Or, if he does, it will be in some disastrous, self-destructive way that makes Cami hate him. Still, after this episode, it looks like Klamille fans might be close to getting what they want: Klaus and Cami together at last.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; Giphy