5 Things Not To Say To A Female 'Star Wars' Fan

If there's one thing that really grinds my gears, it's people dropping a few thousand brain cells to impart ridiculous statements to women about why they love Star Wars. And guys, as a woman who loves Star Wars — who has loved it since time began, since galaxies were formed, since Luke and Leia were born, since (possibly) before you were even born — there's so many things that female Star Wars fans get told which are so many levels of wrong, they're millions of galaxies away of wrong.

I know, it's totally hard to fathom that our lady brains might just be advanced enough to not only understand a story about galactic warfare but also enjoy it to death, but it's totally true and it has nothing to do with Han and Leia's romantic sub-plot, some ex-boyfriend forcing the films onto us, or even our apparent obsession with cute, furry things (curse you, Ewoks!). We just love it.

But, never fear, ladies: help is at hand. If you too are struggling with the intergalactic everyday sexism of daily questions about how your gender and your love for Star Wars could possibly go together, then here is the video to fight it. You need never answer a stupid question again. In fact, I highly recommend bookmarking this link so that next time someone mumbles, "do you like it because your boyfriend is just like, super into it or something?" you can just roll your eyes, hold up your smartphone and press play.


Check out the video below to find out exactly what five things you should never say to a female Star Wars fan are.

Image: Bustle/YouTube