Star Wars Temporary Tattoos & 7 Other Cute Accessories Fans Should Shop — PHOTOS

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Star Wars fans have anxiously been awaiting this moment for years, and it's not the release of The Force Awakens, but rather the release of Star Wars temporary tattoos. OK, I might be exaggerating a tad, because fans are clearly excited about the release of The Force Awakens and the beginning of a new Star Wars trilogy, but for people like me who aren't necessarily die hard Star Wars fans, holographic temporary tattoos and other accessories make the release of the newest movie even more exciting.

The newest Star Wars movie hits theaters on Dec. 18 and naturally the movie has been getting a lot of hype, since it is introducing a new generation to Star Wars and starting a new trilogy. Obviously, marketers realized that the money making potential surrounding this movie was insane, so plenty of collaborations were born. Brands are becoming increasingly more creative when it comes to movie merchandise. Before, it used to consist of some graphic t-shirts and action figures, then came video games, and now pretty much everything you could ever want is available.

Love and Madness created some awesome Star Wars holographic temporary tattoos that only cost $10 to celebrate The Force Awakens and they are actually pretty sweet.

Even Chewbacca loves them!

If you're a Star Wars fan, you can show your support with these fun Star Wars-themed accessories.

1. R2D2 Earrings

Star Wars Stainless Steel Rebel Alliance Symbol & R2-D2 Stud Earrings, $25,

How cute are these little R2D2 earrings? A subtle way to show off your Star Wars love.

2. Star Wars Makeup

Obviously no one would necessarily know you're wearing a Star Wars shade of lipstick or nail polish, but the limited edition COVERGIRL Star Wars packaging is what shows a true fan.

3. Stormtrooper Phone Case

Stormtrooper iPhone 6 Case, $19.95,

The best part about a phone case is that it's an easy way to show your support for Star Wars every day, because let's be honest, when are you ever not with your phone?

4. Darth Vader Backpack

Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack, $19.99,

Perfect for toting around the necessities.

5. Yoda Beanie

Star Wars Yoda Beanie, $14.99,

I have a hard time believing people would actually wear this beanie, but how cute is it!?

6. Chewbacca Necklace

Star Wars Stainless Steel 3D Chewbacca Pendant With Chain, $38,

This 22 inch pendant is a perfect layering piece, and who doesn't love Chewbacca?

7. Star Wars Headphones

Star Wars First Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones, $199.99,

Perfect for music enthusiasts and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

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