Was Meryl Streep Snubbed By The Golden Globes? Her 'Suffragette' Role Seemed Like An Awards Show's Dream

Honestly, I can't even fathom a reality where anyone even has to think about whether or not Meryl Streep was snubbed for an award. But, this is life, and as anyone who is living it knows: Sometimes, it sucks. So, yes, it's true, we live in a world where we do have to question whether Meryl Streep was snubbed for Suffragette by the Golden Globes on Dec. 10, when this year's nominations were announced. Of course, everyone who snagged a nomination this year deserved it, but I have to say — Streep really killed it in her Suffragette role as political activist Emmeline Pankhurst. She deserves recognition for this part, which is why it's important to question whether her not being nominated should be considered a snub.

After all, it was a tough year filled with a ton of talent, as the actresses who were nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama prove. That list includes between Saorise Ronan in Brooklyn, Brie Larson in Room, Rooney Mara in Carol, Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl, and Cate Blanchett in Carol, amongst others, there was a ton of competition. But, on the other hand, it's Meryl.

So, I was shocked to see that Streep didn't nab nominations for her role in Suffragette — although I was slightly less shocked to see that she didn't get a nomination for her role in this year's Ricki and the Flash. Her performance in Suffragette, however, had everything that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves when it comes to performances! It was an honest portrayal of a heroic real-life figure, the actor submerged themselves in everything about the time period from posture to pronunciation, and it had Meryl Streep.Meryl's snubbing should not be taken as a sign of how good her performance was, but how absolutely stacked this year's field of performers was, in both the Lead and Supporting Actress categories. From Jennifer Jason Leigh's vicious fugitive in The Hateful Eight, to Kate Winslet's portrait of Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs, and Alicia Vikander's otherworldly performance in Ex Machina, this has been an outstanding year for women in film in the Supporting category as well. Meryl may not have been nominated this year for her role, but she undoubtedly inspired every actress who recieved a nomination this year.