The Fresh Prince Is All You'll Want For Christmas

by Michelle Lulic

Who could forget the days of Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ? While today the actor may be married to Jada Pinkett Smith, have two teenage kids of his own, and be the super successful Golden Globe nominated actor in Concussion , when he was his character of the same name on Fresh Prince, that's when world really got hooked. We got to know Will Smith the actor, but we also got to know Will Smith the character, who just so happened to be one of craziest, yet coolest guys around. Despite his character coming from a not-so-fresh background, Will was funny, out-of-his-mind, and, yet, still totally the type of person you wanted to hang out with. Especially for Christmas.

Even though we understood why he seemed to get on everybody's nerves, that didn't stop us from falling in love with him. And, now, as we head towards Christmastime, I might be expecting a lot of things in my stocking, but nothing is higher on my Christmas list than the Fresh Prince. Since I can't exactly hang out with Will Smith the character (or Will Smith the actor, come to think of it), I'll have to do the next best thing. My Christmas holiday will be spent watching countless hours of re-runs to relive the good ol' days and remind myself of just how perfect Will actually is.

Seriously, here are all the reasons why all you should want for Christmas is Will Smith.

1. He's Got The Greatest Dance Moves

Nobody can bust a move quite as well as Will can. Especially not Carlton.

2. His Reactions Are Always On. Point.

If someone says something stupid around him, he's bound to flash the most priceless look you can imagine. He basically invented the side-eye. Having him around for a family Christmas dinner sure would help.

3. Maturity Is Not Something He Does

Who needs adulthood? If anyone knows how to have fun, it's Will. He's certain to bring his child-like sense of humor anywhere he goes. And, on Christmas Day, he's bound to be the first one running down the stairs for presents.

4. He Knows The Key To A Happy Stomach

Pizza? Check! Ice cream? Check! Expect nothing but the best foods when you're around Will. (But you may want to hide those Christmas cookies.)

5. He Could Help You Come Up With The Best Pranks

Want to scare your sister? Or annoy your visiting relatives? Will has mastered the art of pissing people off, and, therefore, he could really come in handy this holiday season.

6. He Gives The Best Advice

Need relationship help? Got some friend drama you need to deal with? Will always has the answer to your problems... Whether you want to actually listen to it or not.

7. Your Handshake With Him Will Be Awesome

When Will greets you, it's bound to be an experience all on it's own. All of your friends will be super jealous of your friendship.

8. He's Ridiculously Smooth

Seriously, what guy can compete with those skills?

9. He's Great With Kids

He might even sit at the kids' table when dinnertime comes around.

10. He Always Expresses How He Feels

Holding back is simply not something that Will does, so you better make sure you get him a good Christmas gift. And you'll know right away if he loves it or not.

11. Who Could Resist This?

Need I say more? Merry Christmas, Will Smith fans.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (11)