We May Have A 'PLL' Love Triangle On Our Hands

Whenever a new character is introduced to a series, fans immediately take notice. What motivates this character? How will they fit into the storyline? And even more importantly, how will they impact our main stars? That's precisely why viewers should pay extra special attention to one of Pretty Little Liars Season 6B's newest faces, Roberto Aguire, who is set to play Aria's editorial assistant and colleague, Liam Greene. So how close are these two exactly? Bustle asked Aguire that very question during a recent interview and learned just how Liam fits into the Aria and Ezra dynamic on PLL.

Now considering that Aria and Ezra are no longer together (right now at least), it'd be easy to assume that Liam will serve as Aria's new love interest. However, Aguire insists that for now their relationship is strictly professional. "The only thing that brings Liam to Rosewood right now or one of the things that brings him to Rosewood is Ezra," the actor reveals. "Aria is actually working in the same publishing firm as Liam, so that's kind of the extent to what we know at the beginning." But that's not to say that it won't eventually develop into something more somewhere down the line. In fact, it may even lead to a potential love triangle-type of situation.

"Yeah, who knows!," Aguire states. But for now he insists that their rapport is strictly platonic. "Right now the cool thing is all three of them are working together to get Ezra's book published, which is great. To have him actually become a successful author is fantastic." But just like with any worker-client relationship, it's going to come with its fair share of drama. We know that Ezra will struggle with alcohol and possibly even depression. And according to Aguire, both Aria and Liam will feel the impact of that downward spiral.

"Ezra's personal life bleeds into our professional relationship... Liam's going to have to get involved and see what's going on." And wouldn't it be ironic if Ezra was the one to bring Aria and Liam together? (I can already hear the outcry of Ezria fans worldwide.) But as much as I always liked Aria and Ezra together, let's not forget that Aria is now five years old from when we last saw her. She's grown and matured in numerous ways. So there's a chance that she and Ezra just don't fit together like they used to. And for Liam's part, he completely respects and admires the woman she's become.

"After this five-year flash forward, I think you really see her mature into this kind and passionate working woman," Aguire explains. "So it's really cool to see their dynamic in this working environment, especially to see Aria outside of Rosewood and this high school life that she lived and see her start taking a more professional road. I think that's going to be really cool for everyone." So if they do end up becoming romantically involved, I'd say it's well worth giving them a chance. (You can't deny they seem to have a lot in common.)

Or, at the very least, sit back and enjoy watching Liam and Ezra attempt to win her over. After all, epic love triangles are every PLL fan's kryptonite. I say bring it on!

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Images: Marc Cartwright; Adam Taylor/ABC Family