The Best Viral Videos Of 2015 In 21 Minutes

At this point we basically live for viral videos, so it makes sense that this super cut of the best viral videos of 2015 in 21 minutes is a thing. The supercut includes 506 of the most viral videos of 2015, opening with an epic shot of Mars, with a voiceover proclaiming water has been found there. This isn't just your run of the mill cute puppies stuff. These videos are proof that sometimes inspiring, important things are of interest to the Internet consuming public. At the risk of sounding like a viral article, it will restore your faith in humanity. That's not to say there aren't cute pets in there, but it's nice to see that the world is interested in more than just baby animals and cheesy wedding proposals.

The super cut was made by director, actor and video editor Luc Bergeron, and it's his eighth video of this kind. That's a lot of commitment and devotion to the fine art of virality — apparently, the video took him a whopping 260 hours to complete. That's a lot of time watching and editing videos from the year in viral content (I'd like to think he used Bustle for research inspo, who knows?). Here are some great moments from the categories covered in the video:

1. This Cute Video Of Baby Buzz

2. This Epic Feat Of Human Strength And Agility

3. This Little Girl Whipping And Nae-Naeing

4. This Amazing Stunt Video

5. This Tear-Jerking Testament To The Power Of 3D-Printing

Watch the whole thing below:

Images: YouTube (6)