10 Elegant Chokers To Rock This Winter

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Perhaps one of fashion's biggest truths is that it truly does come in cycles. Shout out to the '90s trends that are still going strong — flannels, ripped denim, high-waisted cuts — But most importantly, the elegant choker. And while the '90s version weren't exactly elegant, but rather, more edgy and...plastic, we had to find a way to wear a modern update in our professional lives.

It's no new discovery that the '90s are back — just last week, I purged eBay to find just the right Tamagotchi to buy and entertain myself with. And at my local Goodwill, I found Mall Madness (please tell me you've played this board game before...) that I wanted to purchase so badly, but it was missing some key pieces. I mean, look around you: Crop tops, messy ponytails, slip dresses, and Doc Martens reign supreme. Platforms, too, are back. Hello, creepers?

But let's be real — who doesn't love the grunge look? There's nothing cooler than the just-rolled-out-of-bed look. This "effortless" ensemble? I spent three hours planning it last night. But no one has to know. Seriously, don't tell anyone. But there's no bigger '90s trend that fashion It girls love more than the choker. But this time, they've got a modern update.

Some elegant, some edgy, all of these chokers definitely pay homage to the beloved trend, while adding a modern spin to it that make them more ready-to-wear.

1. The Boho Look

Vanessa Mooney Arrowhead Wrap Choker, $35,

Obsessed with the little gems at the end, too.

2. The Chain

Five And Two Dylan Choker, $25,

This antique choker is the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

3. For Minimalists

Winden Jewelry Gold Filled Choker, $120,

I own this beauty, and it is, without a doubt, my favorite piece of jewelry.

4. Nature-Inspired

HSLK Fasolt Rainbow Moonstone Choker Necklace, $275,

*Adds to cart*

5. For Mesh Lovers

Mesh Choker Necklace, $28,

I love how vintage mesh jewelry can look, and these gems just add a classy touch.

6. Bling Bling

Shine A Little Love Rhinestone Choker, $25,

Perfect for livening up any LBD.

7. Leather & Hardware

The Flawed Leather Choker, $290,

I love a good leather and hardware combo, and this beauty is the best of both worlds.

8. The Knot

Jennifer Fisher Classic Knot Choker, $495,

This is definitely on the pricey side, but its so versatile, you can wear it with literally anything.

9. Lock & Seal

Eddie Borgo Small Safety Chain Choker, $350,

This definitely teeters on the side of edgy, but that's why I love it.

10. The Lace

Ava Lace Choker, $28,

Because what's more elegant than lace? Probably nothing.

When in need for some spice, do so with a choker! So chic and elegant, these pieces can elevate any outfit, from a semi-formal look to your ensemble for brunch.

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