See Zendaya's Diamond Ball Outfit From Every Angle — PHOTOS

The holiday season just got a little bit brighter thanks to Rihanna's second annual Diamond Ball. It might have been one gown-filled red carpet, but Zendaya's ivory crop top definitely spiced things up a bit. Combining all of the year's hottest trends into one outfit, you'll have to look twice to really take in all the details.

It was no surprise that Zendaya stepped out in one of the most fabulous looks of the night. With her background in constantly changing styles, you never really know what the singer will wear. While others opted for elegant long gowns, Zendaya choose a crop top and wide leg trousers that brought the same fancy feel in an entirely different way. The belly-bearing top was one-sleeved, tied at the side, and draped beautifully. Pair that with a matching pant that looked every bit like a skirt, and you've got one mesmerizing outfit. Of course, it wouldn't be a Diamond Ball look without the addition of some fabulous jewelry. Zendaya wore large, diamond teardrop earrings and a handful of rings to complete her look, which just might have been the best of the night.

Because this outfit was full of so many surprises, it changed depending on which angle you looked at it from. It might sound like she had way too much going on, but I promise you that's not the case.

Seems like your typical maxi skirt, right? Wrong.

Once she turned around, it was clear to see that this was no ordinary ensemble.

But seriously, how fierce is this?!

The pants seemed to get more voluminous with every step.

Her makeup looked fabulous and completely dressed up her matching two-piece outfit.

Her look even stood its own next to some of the style greats, like Jada Pinkett Smith.

I call this a success for Zendaya.

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