10 Perfect Careers for Benedict Cumberbatch if He Never Became A Famous Actor

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In a far far crueler world, Benedict Cumberbatch may have never been Sherlock, heck, he may have never been famous. Impossible, I know. And yet, it actually could have happened. The arbiter of Cumbersass was weary to take the role of the masterful sleuth and had reservations about the fame that would come along with it. As Season 3 gloriously approaches our American small screens, Cumberbatch sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed how he almost didn't take the role that shot him into being the most famous man on Tumblr.

"My reservation was ‘Well, this is a very iconic character, there will be a lot of attention on it...This was before I had had any significant success [but] I knew there would still be a lot of focus on it. And while I had done work, it wasn’t stepping into the populist limelight like playing a character like Holmes. So I did have a pause for thought."

Thankfully for us, that pause was followed by a yes, and the world became a better, more British, and Cumbersassier place. It turns out the Sherlock crew was the tipping point for him to take the role, “I thought, If I’m going to do this, if I’m going to step into the limelight with a large leading role of iconic status, then I might as well do it with these people... I completely trust them. I felt like I was being asked to join the family and have some fun. There was nothing businessy about it. And that’s how to operate it.” Sigh, swoon, charmed.

Ah, but what IF Mr. Cumberbatch didn't take the role? Here are the few things we could actually fathom the danciest fanciest Brit in Hollywood doing other than voicing dragons, solving crimes, and stealing our hearts.

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