8 Beauty Services Worth The Splurge

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I’m all for saving money wherever I can, but over time I’ve come to learn there are certain beauty services worth splurging on. If you’ve ever been in my shoes and tried to omit as many beauty costs as possible, hopefully you’ll understand what I’m saying. There have been times when my hair is dyed an awful hue (thanks to my own handiwork), my back hunched and filled with knots, and I’m pale as a ghost. These times I’ll catch a glimpse at myself in the mirror and think I’ve seen a monster. Really, though, there are certain things that make me feel beautiful that aren’t beauty services I can and/or should do on my own.

Of course, there are definitely times when we’re in need of a beauty treatment and it makes perfect sense for us to take care of it at home. Manicures are a perfect example of this, in my opinion. However, if we’re looking to keep ourselves on a budget, we should really be aware of the things that aren’t worth cutting back on. Also, we might consider the beauty services that are the little “extras” which will keep up tremendously relaxed and happy.

Here is a rundown of eight beauty services worth the extra dough, beginning with some traditional treatments, and ending with some less common ones (which are absolutely worth experiencing, if I do say so myself).

1. Any And All Haircuts

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I had this bright idea recently that I’d save money on my regular trim by getting my hair cut at a local hole-in-the-wall. I thought I was majorly winning given the place only charges $13 a haircut. Lesson learned, my friends, because guess what? They only charge $13 per cut for a reason. Somehow they managed to completely butcher a simple one-inch trim on my layer-free hair, and I left with the most uneven, choppy ‘do I’d ever seen. A day later I had to bite the bullet and call my $70-per-haircut salon and beg for an appointment immediately. Moral of the story — even if all you need is a tiny trim, don’t be tempted to cut back on costs for this service. Trust me when I say you won’t want to see the results of a very cheap cut.

2. A New Hair Color

Similarly to my haircut horror story, I have had many, many bad experiences with at-home hair dye. My hair has accidently been every color from pitch black to platinum blonde, and I think I’ve cried 95 percent of the time. While that boxed color might make sense if you’re sticking with the same color to cover-up premature grays, steer clear if you’re attempting a whole new look. Highlights? Nope — trust me, I've been there. Not only do you run the risk of messing up the hue, it’s also very possible to mess up the thickness of the highlights as well as the spacing between them (again, taken from horrible experience). There is a reason hair care professionals are named that — because they are professionals. Leave this job to them.

3. Bikini Waxing

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Ouch. Sure, it will save you some money to wax your bikini line at home, but is it really worth the pain and suffering that might ensue if you botch it? If you aren’t an expert at waxing, attempting it on your own can result in burnt skin or removal of skin, which I’m sure you can agree sounds totally nasty. Next time you're looking to do some cleaning up down there, put down the hot wax and call your local salon.

4. Straightening Or Curling Treatments

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As you can tell by this article so far, I’m totally against tackling certain hair treatments alone (or using an especially cheap service). While I am, however, completely on-board with do deep conditioning and blowouts on your own to save money, anything that involves chemicals or scissors — IDFWU. Keratin is a great example of a straightening service that many women love, but shouldn’t attempt to do at home or at a low-end salon. You love your hair, right? Then, give it the treatment it deserves by relying on a specialized stylist to handle this.

5. A Chemical Face Peel

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Anything that involves chemicals of any sort screams to me, “Use a professional!” For those who don’t know, a chemical face peel involves using a solution on the skin to peel off the top, dead layer and expose a new, smooth layer of skin underneath. It’s a great service to splurge on. Unless you’re incredibly familiar with the process (as in you work at a salon or have been professionally trained), make an appointment. Giving yourself a chemical face peel, if done the wrong way, can leave your skin with irreparable damage — totally not worth the risk.

6. A Hot Stone Massage

Now, on to a few services you might not really consider doing at home, but that are totally worth spending money on. Really any kind of massage is worth the cost, but this is a personal favorite of mine (I can also feel the warmth of the stones on my back even as I type this —sigh). The best part is that massages are actually good for us, too. According to Mayo Clinic, in addition to providing a good stress relief, massages can also help with headaches, joint and muscle pain, and insomnia. They can also help boost our immune system. Thanks to apps like Groupon and Living Social, you can likely find all sorts of discounts on massage services in your area. Then you can splurge without having to really “splurge,” if you get what I’m sayin’.

7. A Back Facial

Facials are fine and dandy, but have you ever gotten a back facial? Ahhhh-mazing. It’s basically similar to a traditional facial, but the treatment is specialized for the skin on your back, helping to clarify and soften it. It’s dreamy, I must say and perfect for prepping for a special occasion backless dress.

8. Spray Tanning

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This one might be a bit biased, but here we go. Personally, I feel far more confident if I have a little glow to my skin. This is just me and obviously not something that everyone feels the same about, but if you're in the same boat as me and want to avoid the sun's harmful rays, spray tanning definitely be considered an unnecessary splurge. It’s a safe and simple way to get our bronze on. That said, it’s best to spend a few bucks and have a professional give you the spray tan. This way you’re guaranteed it will come out smooth and without splotches.

Next time you’re looking to cut costs, consider sparing some of these beauty services. You’ll find yourself on cloud nine when your hair is the perfect cut and color, and you’ll be up there walking on air after a relaxin