21 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Teachers

The holiday season is a time to say thanks — not just to your parents and best friends, but also to the people who have helped you to become the person you are today. Your children’s teachers make a major impact in their lives that goes beyond just teaching them how to spell or how to add fractions, so gifts for teachers are an important part of any holiday shopping list. And even if you don’t know them personally, it’s totally possible to get a gift for a teacher that they will truly love.

By now, we have become pros at getting gifts for people we don’t know. All it takes is a little careful thinking and planning. Think about what you’d enjoy getting: a cheeky mug? A stunning ornament? An adult coloring book? Pick out something with some thought, but remember that a personalized, unique holiday card is what really counts. Words speak louder than things.

If you’re not trying to spend a lot of money, a nice note with a batch of fresh cookies can also make a sweet gift, but it’s totally possible to get a thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost an arm or leg as well. These 21 gifts are sure to please your kids’ teachers, and make it a very happy holiday season indeed.

1. Whistle While You Work Tackle Box

Teachers spend a ton of their own money on office supplies, so they're sure to appreciate this stunning set.

Whistle While You Work Tackle Box, $32,

2. Teacher Print

A framed print is a sweet gift that looks equally great in a classroom or home.

Teacher Print, $17,

3. Grammar Teacups

We all know and love someone who is dedicated to grammar. This may be the perfect gift for them.

Grammar Teacups, $32,

4. Speaking Of Unique Ornament

Ornaments are a no-fail gift — they're small, pretty, and can easily find their way onto a Christmas tree year after year.

Speaking of Unique Ornament, $17.99,

5. Black Beauty Writing Gloves

Teachers are likely to receive scarves as gifts, but you can stand out from the crowd with literature-inspired gloves.

Black Beauty Writing Gloves, $26,

6. Mindfulness Coloring Book

Everyone — especially teachers — can use a little gift. Pair this adult coloring book with a set of new colored pencils.

Mindfulness Coloring Book, $9.95,

7. Air Plant Terrarium

Breath a little life into a classroom (or home) with this easy-to-care-for terrarium.

Air Plant Terrarium, $34.50,

8. The Leather Pouch Wallet

Small, universally appealing, and affordable, this leather wallet makes a winning gift.

The Leather Pouch Wallet, $29.50,

9. To Sip in the Shade Mug

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any English teacher must be in want of this Jane Austen mug.

To Sip in the Shade Mug, $14.99,

10. Novel Teas

This is the tea that your teacher's going to want to sip.

Novel Teas, $12.50,

11. Crackle Candle

Don't know what to get? A gorgeous candle can add a breathtaking glow to a teacher's home.

Crackle Candle, $12,

12. Big Magic: Creating And Living Beyond Fear

This motivational book should be on everyone's reading list. This read can easily be devoured over winter break.

'Big Magic: Creative and Living Beyond Fear,' $13.72,

13. Playable Art Cube

An art cube makes a fun gift for every puzzle-loving person.

Playable Art Cube, $20,

14. Teacher Notecards

A set of personalized notecards will be a gift that a teacher will actually use. No re-gifting here!

Teacher Notecards, $18,

15. Delfonics Pen Case

A pretty pen case guarantees that no highlighter will go astray ever again.

Delfonics Pen Case, $22,

16. Math Mug

Math teachers deserve some love too.

Math Mug, $15.95,

17. Teacher Bookmark

A personalized bookmark is the perfect way to make sure a teacher always remembers a special student.

Teacher Bookmark, $23.90,

18. Tears Of My Students Mug

Believe it or not, teachers have a sense of humor. This mug is sure to please.

Tears of My Students Mug, $15,

19. Moleskine Notebook

Nothing feels as elegant as a sleek black Moleskine — perfect for taking notes, or writing the next great American novel.

Moleskine Notebook, $5.95,

20. Box of Flowers Soap

Fancy soap always makes a great gift for people you don't know what to get. A box of nice bars can be divided amongst several people.

Box of Flowers Soap, $28,

21. Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes a gift card is the best way to go — that way your kids' teachers are sure to get something they really want.

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