Here's The One Nail Trend That Will Be Big In 2016

Just like clothes and beauty techniques, nail trends come in and out of style with every passing year. And from the sounds of it, the biggest nail trend for 2016 is going to be a fun one. We had the opportunity to speak with Samira Far, founder of Bellacures salons, who told Bustle that 2016 is going to be all about the '80s and "squoval" shapes.

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Nail trends from the '80s haven't been this big since, well, the '80s. “Popular '80s trends like black and white geometric shapes, glitter and sequins, and monochromatic whites were seen on the runways [during fashion month], and these looks always have a big impact on upcoming nail trends," Far tells Bustle. Time to dive into Pinterest for some New Year's manicure inspiration.

Another major emerging trend? The "squoval" nail shape, aka "a shape that is oval on the tips and squarer on the edges," says Far. Think square nails, but with more rounded-off edges. "The long, super-pointy nail trend has been fading out and people are opting for more practical nail shapes." In other words, buh-bye, stiletto nails. The "squoval" is a classic acrylic look, but who can argue with tried-and-true shapes? They're far less hazardous than pointy nails, IMO.

To ease into the '80s trend, go for an all-white nail, à la Kylie Jenner. The key is to keep the look clean, so stay inside the lines and clean up any smudges or messes. Otherwise, you can end up looking like you got bored with a container of Wite-Out.

The good news? With white, getting bored with your nail polish is an opportunity for creativity. After it's dry, break out the scotch tape and use it as a guide to paint geometric details on your mani, either in classic black, as Far suggests, or an '80s-friendly florescent hue.

Of course, there's no shame in being a glitter girl either. The '80s were an undoubtedly sparkly time, OK? For maximum dimensional impact, sprinkle loose glitter on clear wet nail polish (or dip your whole nail in the jar.) Wait for it to dry, then brush off excess glitter and gently paint on a top coat.

Courtesy of Bellacures

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Images: Courtesy of Bellacures; kyliejenner/Instagram; SekiEdgeTools/Twitter