21 Eye-Catching Glitter Nail Designs

Yes, you can wear sparkling French tips, TYVM.

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21 chic glitter nail designs to try for your spring manicures.

Even the simplest manicure can add a pep to your step, but peering down at a set of glitter nails has the power to do away with any leftover winter blues and catapult you into spring. Whether you opt for classics like gold glitter nail designs or want to lean heavy into spring pastels and candy colors, a new season provides the perfect backdrop for sparkly tips.

“Getting your nails done with polish that you like — especially if you like glitter — makes you feel more confident to stretch your hands out,” says Kerry Allen, a nail technician at Barry’s Beauty Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Not only that, but Chelsea King, a Los Angeles-based nail artist and celebrity manicurist, says spring is a particularly great time to rock a glittery manicure. “Glitter is great for spring because it is just so fun. The sunlight hits and your nails sparkle, so it feels great to wear once the sun is coming out again,” King tells Bustle.

In addition to the mood-boosting magic, King notes that glitter nails are a fairly easy way to add a little extra something to a basic manicure. You don’t even have to visit a salon: All you need to do is pick up a glitter nail polish — perhaps in one of spring’s trendiest shades — to DIY the shimmering style.

You’ve got endless options to pick from for your glitter nails, too, from the always-in-style French manicure to dazzling color mashups. King says her clients are loving gradient glitter lately. “It’s something I can create rather quickly, so it doesn’t cost clients as much as complicated designs,” she tells Bustle. “It looks amazing and will go with anything.” Still, Allen says she lets the sparkle lovers that sit in her chair lead the way when it comes to color, coarseness, and design — because there’s no wrong way to do glitter. Keep scrolling for 20 glitter nail art ideas you’ll want to add to your warm-weather mood board.


Butterfly Decals

Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein is responsible for this super sparkly silver mani with butterfly accents that welcomes spring in the most glamorous fashion.


Pretty In Pink

These bold magenta nails would be hard to miss. Add multiple layers of any colorful glitter polish to your tips for all the glitz and glam.


Day To Night

All that glitters truly is gold with this gorgeous glitter tip nail design. Incorporate a mix of full sparkly nails and frosted tips for a subtle but still lustrous mani.


Dark Magic

If you’re into dark polishes, add touches of silver or gold glitter on top of a rich black manicure for a look that’s chic yet subtle.


Ombre & Floral

Combine chunky glitter, pastels, and hand-painted flowers for a manicure that’s sure to stand out in a crowd.


Cuticle Gems

This white set is livened up with nail jewels and silver glitter, making it fit for every day or a special occasion.


Pink & Blue

This multicolor mani with pops of pink, purple, blue — and plenty of glitter — welcomes spring in style.


Floral Accents

Opt for a dainty set like this mani that mixes gold glitter with floral details for a very on-season look.


Pastel Stilettos

For an oh-so-fun take on spring nails, consider a design like these stiletto tips with ombre blends of stunning pastel hues.


Glitter French

Looking for a way to modernize the classic French manicure? This set accomplishes just that with multicolored sparkle tip nails.


Sparkling Coral

For a simpler way to rock glitter, paint your nails with an eye-catching coral polish, then add some sparkle on a couple of accent nails with a glittery topcoat.


Candy Land

King designed this short Candy Land-inspired set that stuns with swipes of gold glitter combined with satiny pink and peach polishes.


Rainbow Drip

Celebrate the fact that ice cream season is right around the corner with a rainbow-colored manicure decked out with sugary glitter and drip effects.


Chunky Glitter

Just paint some of your nails with extra chunky glitter to transform a simple blue manicure into a dazzling set.


Sparkling Barbie Pink

There’s no better way to welcome spring than with Barbie pink polish. The delicate ombre effect and specks of glitter at the cuticle add a little extra something.


Gleaming Flames

Match the warmer temps outside with a set like this stiletto mani that features glitter accent nails and hand-painted flames.


Coffin-Shaped Brilliance

At first glance, this seems like a minimalist manicure — but upon closer look, you’ll see it screams sassy glam with its rich emerald polish, gold-toned glitter, and cuticle stones.


Neon French

Turn heads with neon-colored glitter French tips. This one pairs highlighter yellow with a generous sprinkling of fine sparkles.


Sparkle Specks

This almond-shaped set incorporates shimmer in a subtle way with delicate flecks of iridescent glitter over teal polish.


Maximalist Color

Showcase your whimsical side with a mismatched multicolored mani like this that features geometric shapes, artsy squiggles — and, of course, a bit of sparkle.


Diamond Encrusted

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik takes glitter to a regal level with these Swarovski crystal-decorated nails.

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