Shop Khloé Kardashian's Affordable LBD

by Augusta Statz

When it comes to sexy attire, the Kardashians have it down pat. Khloé Kardashian wore an affordable black bodycon dress, and yes, I did just say it was affordable. I know, it’s exciting, but you can close your mouth now. It is a rare occasion that the average person can afford a piece of Kardashian-worthy clothing, so this is already a cause for celebration, but once you see this dress, in particular, you’ll really be bouncing off of the walls with excitement.

She posted about her dress on Twitter, but you can get even more details about it on her app. Here’s what I can tell you about it — it’s a black form-fitting dress with a high slit that shows off just the right amount of leg. It’s from the brand Sorella, and it only costs $65. Oh, and the youngest Kardashian sister wore it. Is there really anything else you need to know? Didn’t think so!

Check out how she wore the dress, and then shop it for yourself. Oh, and while you’re on the Sorella site, I think you’ll find that there are plenty of amazing and totally affordable pieces that you’re going to want to stock up on. See a few of the pieces you’ll want to add to your cart.

Sexy LBD for only $65? Don't mind if I do!

1. Khloé's Dress

Lethal Dress, $65, Sorella

Have all of the sexy feels with this Kardashian-approved bodycon dress.

2. Dramatic Sleeve Dress

Sandy Dreams Dress, $65, Sorella

Looking for a dramatic flair? This dress has got it.

3. Nude One-Piece

Soft Side Unitard, $75, Sorella

This piece is great for layering all winter long.

4. Little Black Romper

Sheer Perfection Romper, $65, Sorella

Forget holiday party dresses, you need this romper for all of those festive events.

5. Matching Sweats

Don't Sweat It Sweatsuit, $70, Sorella

Cute and comfy? Sign me up.

6. Gray Bodysuit

Stormy Bodysuit, $31, Sorella

I'm loving this gray one-piece.

7. Co-Ord

Bare It 2 Piece Set, $50, Sorella

Because a crop top and midi skirt combo is always a good option.

Shop these pieces and more at Sorella because I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of any brand that's Kardashian-approved.

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Images: Sorella (7)