Kylie Jenner's Matching Set Is Super Affordable

This girl likes to wear Moschino sweatpants, so it’s pretty safe to say that most of what she wears is not affordable for the average person (ahem,me). But this time around, Kylie Jenner wore an affordable matching set from the brand Naked Wardrobe. And I’m not talking like still expensive but just not insane prices here, either, people. This set actually only cost $40, so when I say it’s affordable, I really mean it.

The occasional times Jenner wears something the rest of us can also buy, the world rejoices. Well, at least I do. I think you will do some jumping for joy, too, when you see how versatile this matching co-ord is. It’s form-fitting and beige, which makes it great for layering or great for wearing on its own just like Jenner did. This actually isn’t the first time a member of the Kardashain/Jenner clan has repped the Naked Wardrobe brand. If they are fans of it, I’m sure you will be, too.

See Jenner wearing the super affordable pairing, and then buy the exact same outfit for yourself (before it sells out, of course). You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to shop the same brand as Jenner, because the chance doesn’t come around often. I don't know about you, but I've always got $40 I can spare on a Jenner-status OOTD.

She looks great in this set, but it'll look just as amazing on you.

Go on and shop her exact look.

Feelin' Oh So Tight Crop Set, $40, Naked Wardrobe

And just in case this sells out, shop these other sets from the brand, too.

Feelin' Oh So Tight Crop Set, $40, Naked Wardrobe

This is the same as Jenner's, just in black.

Always In The Grey Set, $45, Naked Wardrobe

I think Jenner would approve of this marled grey set, too.

What are you waiting for? Go on and get your wardrobe to Jenner status!

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Images: Naked Wardrobe (3)